The client is a small, family-.

Task: You are a team of management consultants who have been asked by a new client, called ‘FarmCo.â€, to make suggestions about why and how they improve their “accounting systemsâ€. The client is a small, family-owned farm shop in East Devon, which sells mostly locally-produced fresh goods (e.g., meat, fish, dairy, vegetables) and locally-made drinks (e.g., fruit juices, teas, wine, and ales). The family are ambitious to grow as a business. One particular area of land that they own is used to house hundreds of chickens, but they also own a great deal more (unused) land in the farmlands. To date the farm shop mostly relies on its annual financial statements, produced by an external accountant at considerable cost, for assessing its business performance. There is not really any ‘business strategy†of sorts. It is your task to convince the client owners how a contemporary management accounting system can help them in their business progress. You can include, for example, what management accounting can offer to this business, improve on the existing financial statements analysis, and the kinds of information and subsequent inquiries (operational and strategic) that management accounting system might offer to this company.

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