Technology to Fight Depression

tisiNG TECH No Using Technology to Fight Depression Depression is a common yet severe mental illness that affects everyone, either directly or indirectly though family, friends, or coworkers. Major depressive disorder, more commonly referred to as lust “depression,” is more than just feeling sad or having a bad day. The Canadian Mental Health Association describes depression by saying that ‘Someone experiencing depression is grappling with feelings of severe despair over an extended period of time. […I For people with depression, it does not feel like there is a “light at the end of the tunnel”—there is lust a long, dark tunnel” (2016, para. 1). Despite the fact that there are effective treatments for depression, people are not always able to seek help for it. Factors such as lack of resources and social stigma against mental illness can keep people from accessing the appropriate treatment. Because of this, many people just suffer in silence, assuming there is no help out there for them. This situation may seem dire, but there are other options. Technology is available that can help us learn more about the disease, develop new resources to assist people who are dealing with depression, and give people easy access to support through the Internet. Technology is capable of helping us learn about depression as a disease, and how it physically affects the body. This kind of information is invaluable when it comes to learning how to treat depression more effectively and to discover ways of preventing it. As Black states, “Brain imaging may help pick out people more likely to experience recurring depression and help design preventive treatment”( 2003, para. 9). “)caters are also using technology to learn about the biology of the diwase by looking at hormones, genes and neurochemicals. This knowledge will lead to the development of more effective treatments, like lieW I( Mit’, of antidepressants that “work in different pathways and affect different hormones and chemicals in the brain than today’s medication” (h14(1,,, 200i, pata, 23)• 1)cprcssion is a complex disease, and doctors Are still f4,,hting to understand it. However, these glimpses into how depressit (iffc( istwopic will pave the way to find more efficient ways tivat dint plcvrilt it ,idditi►n to assisting doctors and researchers tit obtiitning th kind (it ticw inf(innation, technology also allows for h, ,,t it-dot-m.11101i t king the internet, information can easily be .1. peov,ic ()wt. tlic world, bringing together the brightest I 41* 3-141th to Itelp clf-velop iivw twatments. KricAN?ledge 1s power, and having