Technologies W1- Researching various switches

SCHEME OF WORK Unit Title: Switch Engineering Numbers of Weeks: 10 Course: HNC/D in NETS Hours Session per week: 5 Weeks Topics Activity 1 • Unit Introduction • Networking Devices: Review L0- Unit Introduction D0- Unit Introduction L1-Review Networking/Internetworking & devices 2 • Foundations of Switching L2- Network Architecture and standards L3- Bridges and Switches Technologies W1- Researching various switches models and understanding specifications 3 • Principle of LAN Switching • OSI layers & Switching operation • Advance LAN switch operation L4- Principle of LAN switching L5- OSI Layers &Switching operation L6- Advance Switch Operation & Control Flow and Spanning Tree W2- Researching switch Operation 4 • Virtual LAN &Pruning • Network Security L7- Virtual LAN &Pruning L8- Network security concept and Security threats W3-Researching implementing redundancy in switched network 5 Clinical Session 1 Start Semester Planner Revision 6 • Network Security • Routing • Switch Security L9- Network Monitoring & Evaluation L10- Routing and Enterprise Switched Network environment Lab1- Connecting CISCO switches and examining system startup, Command Line utilities and managing system files 7 • History of Ethernet L11- Switching Security&History of Ethernet L12- Ethernet Switching and Standards Lab2- Cisco Switches operation: Show commands, Hostname & descriptions, passwords management, banners 8 • Ethernet Switching Standards • Ethernet Switching L12a- Ethernet Switching & Switched LAN Network Design Lab3- Cisco switch configuration: configuration modes, switch ports, switch interfaces, TCP/IP 9 • Wireless LAN Switching • Industrial Switching L14- Wireless Technology, Wireless switching & Industrial Switching W4- Researching on Wireless LAN switching models, specifications, implementation & security 10 Clinical Session 2 End Semester Planner Revision KEYS:L – Lecture, D – Discussion, W – Workshop Learning Outcomes and assessment requirements Outcomes Assessment criteria for pass To achieve each outcome a learner must demonstrate the ability to: 1. Investigate the LAN Switching • Analyse the concept of Internetworking. • Evaluate the concept of Switching. • Demonstrate the Switch Configuration 2. Investigate and design SwitchingSecurity • Examine the Network Security Concepts. • Research VLAN attacks. • Review Random Frames-Stress Attacks. 3. Understand the concepts underlying Ethernet Switching Network Design • Analyse the Ethernet Switching. • Contrast the multilayer switching. • Evaluate industrial application of Ethernet Switching. • Demonstrate Ethernet Switch Network design. 4. Investigate and critically evaluate the Wireless LAN Switching • Demonstrate, how Wireless Switching Works. • Analyse WLAN Switching Architecture. • Evaluate Wireless Traffics. • Evaluate Wireless Management and Monitoring. Reading List 1. Wendell Odom (2016) CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125: Official Cert Guide Library, ISBN: 9781587205811(For Syllabus Outline 1 & 3) 2. David Hucaby (2016) CCNA Wireless 200-355 Official Cert Guide, ISBN: 9781587144578 for learning outcome 4. 3. Omar Santos (2015) CCNA Security 210-260 Official Cert Guide, ISBN: 9781587205668 for learning outcome 2. 4. Rich Seifert (2008) The All-New Switch Book: The Complete Guide to LAN Switching Technology, John Wiley & Sons Inc. ISBN-13: 978-0470287156(For Syllabus Outline 1 & 2) 5. Matthew Castelli (2004), LAN switching first step, Cisco Press, ISBN: 1-58720-100-3 (For Syllabus Outline 1, 2, 3 & 4) 6. Syllabus Outline 4) 7. Syllabus Outline 4) 8.

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