techniques from your literature review for each stage. Check sample

Guidelines to Analyse your Literature Review Finding and Propose New Solution (USE TEMPLATE 3) for this stage: 1. Draw the flowchart that shows in sequence the GENERIC steps in your work, and what are the collected techniques from your literature review for each stage. Check sample below: 1. Analyse your finding from Literature review. Number of Analysis tables based on what you need to analyse (What you need to Evaluate). e.g., if your goal to evaluate and improve the accuracy and processing time, then you will have only two analysis tables, one for accuracy and other for processing time. Highlight first best in light green, and second best in light orange in each table. Might you can create one table that assess the accuracy and processing time instead of two. Check sample below: 2. Select First best solution based on your tables in steps 1. Theoretically JSTIFY Why it is the best compared with others (STRONG Discussion you should have). Mention also what are the limitations of FIRST best and the mitigation of it. Select the second best or might need third one that you think their features will solve the limitations in FIRST best. JUSTIFY why these features can solve the limitations of first one (STRONG DISCUSSION). 3. Draw the diagram of in your way. Make a doted border line in blue color for the good feature of the selected first and second best solution. Make a doted border line in red color for each of those selected solutions (First and second) to show the limitations. Write the mitigation solution for the FIRST best. Please NOTICE you should use either Microsoft word or power point (preferred) to draw this diagrams (Any other tool is NOT accepted), and the diagram shouldn’t be too big. please check sample below: 4. Solve the limitations of the best current solution based on the priority and draw the flowchart and diagram for the proposed solution. Make a doted border line in green color for replacement new parts as sample below. You also need to JUSTIFY why each step that you are going to add or replace will solve the limitation in step 3.

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