Task Summary

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Task Summary
Please refer to the Assessment Brief for details on how to complete this task.
Data Set
Consider you are the revenue manager for Parmelia Hilton Perth, a newly renovated 309‐
room hotel, located in the Perth CBD. You are approaching summer, after a slightly busy
spring and are forecasting a strong season. Below is a snapshot of your hotel’s figures for the
last week of 2022, as of today (October 1
st 2022). The figures include current On‐The‐Books
(= rooms sold as of today’s date), same day‐of‐week last year (= rooms sold as of Wednesday
the same week in 2021) and actual figures (= actual rooms sold for the same week in
December 2021). You know that the hotel demand in West Perth and the Perth CBD jump
during the weekend.
Today’s date: October 1
st 2022

DOW Current OTB Same DOW Last Year Last Year Actuals
Rooms ADR RevPAR Rooms ADR RevPAR Rooms ADR RevPAR
Wednesday 140 $297.00 $134.56 137 $164.00 $72.71 177 $181.00
Thursday 137 $297.00 $131.68 130 $170.00 $71.52 175 $187.00
Friday 212 $241.00 $165.35 183 $195.00 213 $228.00 $157.17
Saturday 225 $343.00 $249.76 187 $216.00 230 $228.00 $169.71
Sunday 161 $241.00 141 $172.00 $78.49 176 $187.00 $106.51
Monday 139 $319.00 134 $163.00 $70.69 170 $185.00 $101.78
Tuesday 152 $305.00 141 $163.00 $74.38 172 $184.00 $102.42
Total for
the period
Occ = 53.91% $157.21 Occ % = $180.17 $87.71 Occ = 60.70% $199.37


Subject Code and Title HFR603 Hotel Finance and Revenue
Assessment Revenue Management Scenario Evaluation
Individual/Group Individual
Length 1,500 words (+/‐ 10%)
Submission Due by 11:55 PM AEST/AEDT/ACST/ACDT Sunday (Week 7)

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Below is also a competitors’ rate report dated October 1st 2022.

DOW Parmelia
Hilton Perth
The Westin
Perth City Centre
QT Perth
WED 28 DEC 297 389 297 247 255
THU 29 DEC 297 419 297 246 247
FRI 30 DEC 241 389 360 275 309
SAT 31 DEC 343 629 427 345 495
SUN 1 JAN 241 339 324 226 279
MON 2 JAN 319 399 297 230 285
TUE 3 JAN 305 369 297 238 255

You have a revenue meeting tomorrow. You are to write your analysis, evaluation and
recommendations in a 1,500‐word report to hand out to the revenue manager before the
meeting tomorrow. Make sure you specify which day recommendations are applicable for.
You must calculate missing figures (Occupancy %, ADR and RevPAR) highlighted in
yellow in the table provided above, to two decimal points. Calculations that are not
accurately rounded will not receive full marks. Add the table in your report. You must
show your calculations in an appendix.
Analyse and evaluate your hotel’s performance for December 2022 using the data
o Compare Current OTB and Same DOW Last Year.
Has your hotel been selling its rooms faster or slower than last year?
Has the ADR increased, decreased, stayed the same?
Are these changes positive, negative, mixed or neutral for the hotel’s
performance? Use occupancy, ADR and RevPAR to show performance.
o Use the comparison between Same DOW Last Year and Last Year Actuals (i.e.:
the hotel’s pick‐up) to analyse how your performance this year would compare
to that of last year’s.
Use the competitors’ rate report to determine what is your current
pricing and positioning strategy; and what strategies your competitors
are using.
Explain whether the current hotel’s strategy is working or not.
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Propose two (2) revenue management recommendations for your hotel.
o They must be grounded in your analysis and evaluation, and use data as
support, explaining why the hotel should implement them.
o One recommendation must be around inventory controls.
o The other recommendation must be around pricing.
o You may also choose not to implement recommendations. If this is the case,
explain why you are choosing not to make any change to the current strategy.
Write your analysis, evaluation and recommendations in a 1,500‐word report to hand
out to the revenue manager before a revenue maximisation meeting tomorrow.
When writing your recommendations, make sure that they are specific. Broad or
generic recommendations will be dismissed by your manager as they would not be
Inventory management relate to room inventory, not F&B inventory. They include
length‐of‐stay controls and restrictions, cancellations policies, credit card and deposit,
overbooking and many others. Be original and creative in your application of these