FIT9137 Assignment 3 Specification Semester 1 2022
Task B: DHCP Server [8 + 2 = 10 Marks] The clients of delos are configured with static IP addresses. Your task is to:
1. Configure DHCP server on the nodeminerva to assign dynamic IP addresses and other required settings to the client machines in the clients subnet. You can use the DHCP server configuration on as a reference to follow.
2. Enable DHCP client service on clients of de1os.
Note: The node leto is a private local server in the clients subnet and must have a static IP address as assigned for the given configuration.
Task C: Firewall [45 Marks]
The node R3 is the firewall for talos network. Configure the Firewall service on this node to satisfy the following requirernents:
1. Allow traffic from anywhere to DMZ for the provided service by each server. This must be limited to only the public service that a server provides: dns only DNS, web only HTTP,mail only SMTP.
2. Allow servers in DMZ to initiate a communication if it is required by the service the server provides and only for that service (stateful inspection: DMZ 4 External).
3. Allow internal hosts to access all services provided by servers in the DMZ (stateful inspection: Internal DMZ). This includes all services that DMZ servers provide. You can be more permissive here and use address ranges and all IP traffic. All servers in DMZ run SSH service which you can use to test your rules for the internal subnets.
4. Allow internal hosts to reach other internal hosts (if the traffic passes through R3). All traffic is allowed if it is internal to internal.
5. Allow internal nodes to access external servers however packets from external to internal are only allowed if they are responses to communications that were initiated from inside (stateffil inspection: Internal 4 External).
6. Allow the nodes in clients subnet of talos to 106 33 node R3 (any host connected to the R1 . eth0 subnet). 7. Allow the node R3 to send and receive ICMP echo messages to internal nodes and DMZ servers 8. All other traffic must be dropped (see Notes bellow).