Taking a user-centred perspective

Taking a user-centred perspective, why is it important to consider the scale and magnitude of a dataset when planning a visualisation? Select one: O a. Many chart types are not suitable for large scale datasets. Ob. It can affect the performance of a dashboard wireframe. O c. The computer processing power required to enable interactive visualisations on sets of big numbers rises at an exponential rate. O d. It is important to mitigate against a human difficulty to comprehend magnitudes outside normal human experiences. True or false data visualisations must be digitally enabled to be considered interactive. Select one: True False What is a data-driven object? Select one: O a. A product that has been manufactured via a human-centred design process. b. A thing whose physical form is used to represent and interpret data through its material properties. c. Any object whose form evolves through a process of user testing and evaluation. O d. An object created through digital, data-only (i.e. non-drawing) manufacturing processes. In data visualisation, what is a visual metaphor? Select one: O a. The story components of an interpretive narrative arc applied to the analysis of a dataset using multiple visualisation forms. Ob. A term that refers to the particular set of widgets, charts and graphs employed on a data dashboard. Oc. A visual framework or concept applied to a representation of data analysis, that is used to assist the user in interpreting the data through association. d. A style of visualisation in which typography only, as opposed to numerical graphs and charts, is used to describe datasets.