MITS6500 Capstone Project

MITS6500 Capstone Project
List of Possible Projects
Office Supply Management
A large company has 4 branches within Melbourne (Sydney) metro region. We need an
office supply management system to handle distribution, request and purchase for all need
office supplies for the 4 branches (which may expand). We need computer access to the
system, as well as possibly mobile access to look up current stocks and make requests.
Currently bulk purchases are made at the end of each month, but ad-hoc requests can be
accommodated if countersigned my the department head and purchasing. Supplies are
handled centrally, and we also need to keep track of stock delivery to the branches.
Equity Management System
A medium sized equity management firm wants an Equity Management system to keep
track of all equities purchased, disposed of and held by clients. They have a number of
clients, and each client may have a number of equities they hold. We need to keep track of
the dividends allocated for each equity a client holds as well as the current equity price so a
client can tell at any time the current value of their holding. Clients would normally hook in
via a mobile app. The System should also link to the ASX to download current stock price
valuations for a quick update of portfolio value.
Parking Spaces
We need a mobile based app to allow members of the public to be able register spaces they
may have in Melbourne (Sydney) for other members of the public to utilize. They can
register as a user, then they can register specific spaces, which may be their driveway, or
perhaps a car-park in an apartment building they have but do one utilize. They need to
register how many spaces, the cost per hour and the availability. Other registered users can
search for spaces in specific areas and see the availability and whether they are utilized.
Spaces can be booked and payment made by paypal. People overstaying may be charged
penalties as this may impact people who have spaces booked.
Patient Management
A local General practice consortium has three metro surgeries located in Melbourne
(Sydney) and want a computer system to handle keeping on-line records including
prescription medicines written, and additionally want a patient booking system to handle
bookings for all three surgeries. Additional surgeries may be added later. Doctors register
through the system when they arrive and booking on the day can be made accordingly. If a
doctor that is expected to come in does not, then patients with booked appointments for that
doctor should be contacted and given the chance to select alternative times. The patients will
generally access the system through a mobile device, while the doctors and front desk staff
may access through a PC. Security is paramount.
Student Record System
Victorian Post-Secondary Institute (VPSI) offers Higher Education courses in both
undergraduate and post-graduate courses. They need a computer system to record results,
current enrolments, and allow the uploading of results at the end of semester by academics.
Given the nature of the data and its sensitivity, security is of utmost concern, as well the
necessity to keep audit trails of all additions and modifications to the database. From the
Database, HE staff and academics should be able to produce an class roster which can be
used for attendance, and also a class list which can be downloaded in the form of a
spreadsheet, which can be then used by academics to fill in final grades and then use these to
automatically upload into the system at the end of semester. Various reports should be able
to be produced. Students need the ability to look at their grades online via an app.
Auto-Parts Warehouse
The auto-parts warehouse is part of a large auto-servicing business that provides scheduled
services and maintenance to all makes and models of vehicles where practicable. They need
a computer system to store records on all parts kept for the various makes and models of
cars. Historical data needs to be kept on volumes so that adequate supply levels can be
maintained automatically. Each part will have a quantity trigger level, and when the
available numbers fall below this level due to orders arriving, it will automatically send
email orders to the supplier used to supply that particular part. Orders can be placed by
servicing staff for a particular servicing job they are doing, or my members of the public
who wish to purchase a part for their own car they are working on. Thus retail prices need to
be stored with the parts, and internal orders for service jobs get priority when stock is low.
You will need to building an ordering system into this, and also give members of the publis
access via an app to the catalogue of parts.
Human Activity recognition using smartphone Data sets
Demonstrate any Machine Learning Algorithm using the Human activity recognition using
smartphone data using dataset from the UCI Machine Learning Repository. The experiments
have been carried out with a group of 30 volunteers within an age bracket of 19-48 years.
Each person performed six activities (WALKING, WALKING_UPSTAIRS,
(Samsung Galaxy S II) on the waist. Using its embedded accelerometer and gyroscope, we
captured 3-axial linear acceleration and 3-axial angular velocity at a constant rate of 50Hz.
The experiments have been video-recorded to label the data manually. The obtained dataset
has been randomly partitioned into two sets, where 70% of the volunteers was selected for
generating the training data and 30% the test data.
Predict taxi tips using Microsoft R with SQL Server
Use SQL Server R Services and provide data scientists with a combination of R code, SQL
Server data, and custom SQL functions to build and deploy an R model to SQL Server. The
NYC Taxi demo data is availble from download from Microsoft. You need to use the Team
Data Science Process (TDSP) which is an agile, iterative data science methodology to
deliver predictive analytics solutions and intelligent applications efficiently. TDSP helps
improve team collaboration and learning. It contains a distillation of the best practices and
structures from Microsoft and others in the industry that facilitate the successful
implementation of data science initiatives. The goal is to help companies fully realize the
benefits of their analytics program.