Procurement And Supply Chain Management

Assessment 4 Report Structure

Required structure for your Report:

Use this structure and suggested word count when developing your report. Remember that your audience for this report is your company’s Board.

  • Cover page (not included in Word count), including a link to your Google Sites
  • Table of Contents (not included in Word count)
  • Executive Summary (not included in Word count)
  • Vision, mission and strategic goals of the company (100 words)
  • Findings of supply analysis (250 words)
  • Findings of operations analysis (250 words)
  • Findings of information analysis (250 words)
  • Findings of integration analysis (250 words)
  • Findings of sustainability analysis (250 words)
  • Discussion of the company’s procurement and supply chain analysis (550 words)
    • (We suggest you use the dynamic alignment model (Module 5) as your theoretical framework)
  • Discussion of improvement programs (250 words)
  • How improvement programs can assist the company to achieve its vision, mission and strategic goals  (250 words)
  • Conclusion (100 words)
  • References (not included in Word count)
  • Appendices (Optional section, not included in Word count)

Important note:

  • Use tasks A, B, C and D (in the Details of Tasks) for your analysis
  • Use the dynamic alignment framework model for your synthesis
  • Your recommended improvement programs should be based on the gaps (analysis-synthesis), and what you think should be done to ensure the company is moving toward its vision, mission and strategic goals
  • Tables, figures and infographics are not included in your word count.
  • Make sure you provide accurate referencing for both your analysis and synthesis components.