Assessment 3

Master of Engineering
(Industrial Automation)
ME502: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
Assessment 3
Paper B
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Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) 2
Assessment Task Instructions:
1. To allow for unforeseen circumstances such as illness, work or family commitments, it is
advisable that you aim to complete the assessment a few days before the due date. It is your
responsibility to ensure that you factor in any time difference between Perth, Western Australia
and your location when submitting assessments.
2. Extension requests must be formally submitted by completing an extension request form and
emailing the form to your unit coordinator along with a medical certificate or other supporting
3. Assessments must be submitted through TurnitIn (unless otherwise stated).
4. Only one (1) file can be submitted in as your main written submission.
* Supplementary or additional appendices must be clearly titled and directly submitted into the
Supporting Documents Tab in the TurnitIn submission box. Should the assessor not be able to
clearly link these documentations back to your main assessment, penalties may apply.
5. You must use the provided assessment Cover Page document and submit as your main written
assessment in WORD FORMAT only. The only permissible file formats are .docx or .doc and
you should not ‘embed’ other files as pictures within the word document.
* Supplementary documents can be in other formats such as Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint
6. You must correctly title your documents. For example:
E.g. ME502_Assessment3_v1_BobBrown_01Aug2019
7. You must reference all content used from other sources. Do not copy and paste from course
materials or any other resources or quote other source without referencing.
8. Assessments submitted through emails or any other methods will NOT be accepted.
9. You must ensure that you have submitted the correct file. Once you have submitted, you will
not be able to re-submit a second attempt after the due date.
10. Important note: Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in a zero grade. Please
refer to the unit outline or EIT Policies & Procedures if you are unsure how to reference.
Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) 3
ME502 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
This assignment will contribute 15% weight towards the overall grade for this unit. Please complete
this assignment and submit by the due date set on the Moodle system. Suggested time allocation to
complete this assignment is 3 hours.
This assessment item will evaluate your achievement standard for the learning outcome 1 of this unit
and demonstrating the attainment of EIT graduate attributes A1, A2, B2, C3, D1, D2, E1, and E2.
Learning outcome:
1. Evaluate and select programmable controllers and associated hardware equipment for a process
control application
2. Develop control programs for a process application and troubleshoot.
Graduate Attributes:
 A1. Cognitive and technical skills to investigate, analyse and organise information and ideas
and to communicate those ideas clearly and fluently, in both written and spoken forms
appropriate to the audience.
 A2. Ability to engage effectively and appropriately across a diverse range of international
 B2. Ability to innovatively apply theoretical concepts, knowledge and approaches with a high
level of accountability, in an engineering context.
 C3. Comprehension of the role of technology in society and identified issues in applying
engineering technology ethics and impacts; economic; social; environmental and sustainability.
 D1. Breadth and depth of knowledge of engineering and understanding of future developments.
 D2. Knowledge of ethical standards in relation to professional engineering practice and
 E1. Application of advanced research and planning skills to engineering projects.
 E2. Knowledge of research principles and methods in an engineering context.
Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) 4
Master’s Level Course Expectations
This is a Masters level course and we expect no less than illustrating mastery from your answers. EIT
strive to maintain the highest academic integrity. You may generate ideas in groups, but the work you
submit, must be your own effort. Wherever a source is used as basis, make a due reference to the
To assist you in reaching your full potential, please note the following guidelines in answering various
types of questions:
a) Programming-related questions:
a. The use of CODESYS is required.
b. Failure may / probably will result in many marks being lost. Marks in these kind of
questions, mostly are allocated towards
i. Relevant and correct assumptions listed (10%)
ii. Correct timing / logic / language choice (25%)
iii. Judicious screenshots of Visual Simulations to proof working (25%)
iv. Variables and coding style / compactness (25%)
v. Correct interpretation / compact solution of problem (15%)
vi. The above is a guideline and may chance as required
b) Problem-based questions:
a. Provide ample, relevant assumptions and comments supporting your solution.
b. This is the only way I can effectively judge your train of thought.
c) Answers in general:
a. It is mostly required that apart from you answer, you also say why you chose the
answer you did, to obtain full marks.
b. The answer alone is usually not sufficient.
c. The above being said, always aim for compact but effective solutions and answers.
Long-windedness will not be rewarded.
a. A free version of CODESYS is available for download to your own device via the
internet. You will need to register. Visit
b. CODESYS can also be accessed on EIT Remote Labs.
c. Ample introduction to CODESYS is available on
For those with additional learning appetite
Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) 5
ME502: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
Assessment 3
Weight: 30%
Total marks: 80 marks
Please complete your answers in the provided Assessment Answer Sheet/Cover page in Moodle.
Clearly label your question numbers on your answer sheet (no need to copy the questions over). Include all
working out.
Question 1: (10 marks)
a) Define what a hazard is. (1 mark)
b) Define the notion of a risk. (1 mark)
c) What is the principle difference between a hazard and a risk? (2 marks)
d) What does the Heinrich model learn us in respect of the probability of a major risk occurring?
(3 marks)
e) On what part of the Heinrich model should we concentrate our efforts in order to decrease the
probability of a major risk and how and why will these efforts assist in lowering the major
risk? (3 marks)

Question 2: (10 marks)
a) Do some research and explain how the MMS (Manufacturing Message Protocol) replaces the
TCP/IP protocol in industrial operations on an IEEE802.3 network base. (4 marks)
b) Name three communications bus topologies and make a sketch illustrating each one.
(6 marks)
Question 3:
(30 marks)

This is a critical thinking question at master’s level. Take your time with it.
There are various frameworks used by individuals in industry to complete PLC projects. The headings
of 2 of these frameworks are given below.
Framework A
1) Design Phase
Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) 6
2) Specify Equipment Phase
3) Configuration Phase
4) Programming Phase
5) Testing Phase
6) Installation Phase
7) Commissioning Phase
8) Documentation Phase
Framework B
1) Definition of control task
2) Determination of control strategy
3) Development of functional design specification
4) Understanding cause and effect
5) Choose a programming language
6) Develop program structure
7) Create documentation
8) Program simulation, verification and commissioning phase
a) Think about and then tabularise the merits and shortcomings that you see in each of the above
two frameworks. (10 marks)
The table should be structured as follows:

Merits and Shortcomings of
two given frameworks
Advantages (Merits) Disadvantages (Shortcomings)
Framework A
Framework B

b) Suggest your own framework that in your view, is the better option. (10 marks)
c) Tabularise the merits and shortcomings of your framework compared to the two given
frameworks. (10 marks). The table should be structured as follows:

Merits and Shortcomings of
given vs own frameworks
Advantages (Merits) Disadvantages (Shortcomings)
Framework A & B
My Framework

Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) 7

Question 4: (25 marks)
a) Name the seven layers of the ISO OSI model and briefly explain what each layer is
responsible for. (15 marks)

b) Explain the responsibilities of layer 3 and 4 in a TCP/IP protocol stack. (5 marks)

Question 5: (25 marks)
a) Draw sketches illustrating Series Single Point, Parallel Single Point and 3D Earthing grid
systems. (5 marks)

b) Explain why all earthing cables in a Parallel Single Point earthing system must be insulated.
(2 marks)
c) Explain how ground loops can be broken in the input stage of modules for DC and AC signals
respectively. (3 marks)
d) Define what is meant by “Hardwired Safety Circuits” and explain if these circuits are
controlled via the PLC or not and why. (5 marks)
e) Define the difference between Static and Dynamic tests during the startup of the automation
of a new plant and elaborate on each procedure. (5 marks)
f) Define what a protocol is in terms of digital communications and what elements it includes.
(5 marks)