Management of Information Systems

Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media – Resit Coursework Specification 2018/19

Module name: Management of Information Systems
Module code: IMAT5206
Title of the Assignment: Presentations Portfolio
This coursework item is: (delete as appropriate) Summative  
This summative coursework will be marked anonymously Yes  
The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are: Have a comprehensive understanding of the purpose of information systems within organisations and IS/IT departments in order to analyse given scenarios and propose evaluated solutions to given problems. Critically analyse concepts within information systems selection, evaluation and deployment. Review and assess information sources within IT management literature, both trade and academic.
This coursework is:   Individual
If other or  mixed … explain here:  
This coursework constitutes 60% of the overall module mark.
Date Set: 05 Oct 2018 (week 1)
Date & Time Due: 06 Sep 2019 (week 49)
The ‘normal’ coursework return date for this work is:   Note that you should normally receive feedback on your coursework by no later than 20 University working days after the formal hand-in date, provided that you have met the submission deadline.   04 Oct 2019 (week 01)
When completed you are required to submit your coursework via: Blackboard and Turnitin
Late submission of coursework policy: Late submissions will be processed in accordance with current University regulations which state: the time period during which a student may submit a piece of work late without authorisation and have the work capped at 40% [50% at PG level] if passed is 14 calendar days. Work submitted unauthorised more than 14 calendar days after the original submission date will receive a mark of 0%.  These regulations apply to a student’s first attempt at coursework. Work submitted late without authorisation which constitutes reassessment of a previously failed piece of coursework will always receive a mark of 0%.”
Academic Offences and Bad Academic Practices: These include plagiarism, cheating, collusion, copying work and reuse of your own work, poor referencing or the passing off of somebody else’s ideas as your own. If you are in any doubt about what constitutes an academic offence or bad academic practice you must check with your tutor. Further information and details of how DSU can support you, if needed, is available at: and                  
Tasks to be undertaken:   You have presented five topics as part of the Management of Information Systems sessions. This portfolio will contain the PowerPoint slides from those five sessions. The slides should be presented as PowerPoint notes pages, one slide per page with accompanying notes. The notes should explain and expand upon the slides, providing definitions of terms, explanations of bullet points, and development of particular concepts, issues and case studies.   Checklist: All five sessions provided. All Powerpoint slides contain explanatory notes. Spelling and grammar checked. All terms defined and concepts explained. Sources given at end of each session. Evidence of revision shown (Use text shadow to indicate changes and new material on slides). There must be at least one additional slide that discusses the links with other stories in the session and sets the story in the overall content of the session.   Contents page provided.  
Deliverables to be submitted for assessment: A portfolio of PowerPoint slides with notes for FIVE presentations, with contents page.To be submitted via Blackboard.
How the work will be marked:   See marking grid below  
Module leader/tutor name: Prof. Laurence Brooks
Contact details: [email protected]

Marking Criteria

Criteria 0 to 39% 40 to 49% 50 to 59% 60 to 69% > 70%
Definition of terms and understanding of concepts. Little evidence understanding. Basic definitions are wrong. Basic understanding Overall good. Clear understanding of area and grasp of fundamental concepts. Very good. Text demonstrates that student understands the concepts and can create definitions and explanations which unite several sources. Excellent understanding of concepts and definition. Critical view of subject area, definitions and terminology express a deep understanding.
Progression and completeness of story. Linkage between presentations and with rest of sessions Little basic understanding of area. No progression. No recognition of other sessions Some connection between presentations, little connection to other sessions. Good. Clear links. Coherent story. Shows reference to other sessions. Very good. Clear themes and connections between presentations and clear links to other talks. There is a good sense that this addresses the module as a whole, and not just isolated subjects. Excellent story told. Clear how story links together. Deep insights and clear explanations. Connects to other sessions
Understanding of subject area Slides lifted from other sources. No explanations or indication of understanding. Basic, some understanding of the topics, little evidence of reading. Good. Clear understanding of the subject area, with some evidence of reading around the topics. Very Good   Good range of reading. Sources and ideas well explained. Deep understanding of management issues, technology and purpose. Clear expression of that understanding produces a presentation which will of use to a wide audience.
Critical analysis. No consideration of issues or commentary. Basic, little attempt made at critical analysis. Good, clear evidence of critical analysis in each of the presentations, some attempt made to link the topics/slide sets together. Very good commentary shows reflection and insight concerning subject matter. Excellent professional analysis identifies key industry issues and creativity identifies new issues. Clear synthesis of ideas.
Evidence of revision Nothing done Some correction of mistakes. Expansion and explanation of concepts. New definitions, some rearranging, Clear learning, reflection, and explanations. Very Good Excellent.   Clear improvements and reflection which is incorporated into the notes.
Quality of presentation and notes. Incomplete, many spelling and grammar mistakes. Some slides clearly cuts and pastes without concern for understanding. Basic, poor presentation of both slides and notes Good   Not too much text on a slides. Clear, readable. Very Good   Good use of graphics, not just text. Excellent   Highest quality of presentation, very clear slides, well prepared and very well presented.