CSC72003 Assignment 1

1 CSC72003 Assignment 1 Weight: 20% of your final mark Due: 16 December 2019 10 pm (Hard Deadline) Specifications Your task is to complete various exercises in BlueJ, using the Java language, and to submit these via the MySCU link created for this purpose. Marking criteria includes: • Use of correct coding style, including the use of comments; • Accuracy of coding; • Use of suitable coding structures; • Correct submission and naming conventions of assessment items as required. Getting Help This assignment is to be completed individually. It is the opportunity to gain an understanding of the concepts of object oriented programming and coding syntax. It is important that you master these concepts yourself. You are permitted to work from the examples in the study guide or textbook but you must acknowledge assistance from other textbooks or classmates. In particular, you must not use online material or help from others, as this would prevent you from mastering these concepts. Who can you get help from? Use this diagram to determine from whom you may seek help with your program. Encouraged Attribution Required Ask tutor Not acceptable Lecturer Tutors Online Forums Relatives Students outside unit Hired coders Classmates Private Tutors Other 2 Assignment Q1 To be completed in week 1 Create a word document and call your document username-A1Q1.docx. For example, mine would be nfrancis10-A1Q1.docx Open the house project from chapter 1 of the book projects. Open the terminal window and record method calls. Create a picture with at least six (6) objects (circle, square, triangle, and person), recording all method calls. Take a screenshot of your picture and add it to the word document you created earlier. Now copy the list of method calls needed to create the picture to the word document after the screenshot. Add your name and student ID in the footer of the word document, as well as “CSC72003 Assignment 1 Q1”. Assignment Q2 To be completed in week 2 Create a new BlueJ project called username-A1Q2. For example, mine would be nfrancis10- A1Q2. Click on New Class and give the class a name of Computer. Make sure “Java” and “class” are selected. Write a description of your new Class in the top comments. Make sure you put in your name as the author and the date as the version you last worked on this exercise. Add 2 fields that are suitable for a computer. One field should have a type of int, the other should have a type of String. Add a third boolean field called isNew. Write a constructor for your Computer class that takes two (2) parameters – the first of type int, the second of type String. Set the initial values of the first 2 fields that you created using the parameters. Write accessor methods for all 3 of your fields Write mutator methods for all 3 of your fields 3 Write a method called printDetails, which prints out all the details of a Computer object. Please have a look at the ‘Printing’ section in the Topic 2 study guide to see how to do this. Take into account the isNew status. The printDetails method should have an if-else statement that prints a line saying that the computer is new, or the computer is not new. Assignment Q3 To be completed in week 3 Create a new BlueJ project called username-A1Q3. For example, mine would be nfrancis10- A1Q3. Create a class called Heater, that contains four fields, temperature, increment, max and min, all of whose type is double. Make sure you write a description of your new Class in the comments, with your name as author and date as the last date you worked on this exercise. Define a constructor that takes and sets the min, max and sets the temperature to 20.0, and increment to 1.0. Also define a constructor that takes no parameters. The temperature field should be set to the value of 20.0 in this constructor, increment to 1.0, and maximum and minimum to reasonable amounts. Define the mutators warmer and cooler, whose effect is to increase or decrease the value of temperature by the increment respectively. The mutator methods should not let the temperature be set to a value higher than max, or lower than min. Add a mutator method that sets the value of the increment. Add a check to make sure that the increment is not set higher than 3 or lower than 0. Define an accessor method to return the value of temperature. Test your work. Zip the project and include in your assessment files. Assignment Q4 To be completed in week 4 Create a new BlueJ project called your username-A1Q4. For example, mine would be nfrancis10-A1Q4. 4 Before you start to code, make sure to enable the “record method calls” in the BlueJ terminal. Create a class called LotsOfFruits, that has one ArrayList field called fruits, which holds a collection of Strings. Make sure you write a description of your new Class in the comments, with your name as author and give the version as the date you last worked on this exercise. Define a constructor that initialises the ArrayList. Note that you can add any other initialisations that you feel are relevant. Create methods to add elements, remove elements and get the number of elements in the collection. Make sure you add tests for errors and sensible error messages. Create a method called printFruits. This method should loop through the collection and print out the elements (each Integer on one line) as determined by the following rules; • If the fruit has a total letter less than 6, instead of printing the fruit name, it should print “ABRA”. • If the fruit starting letter begin with a vowel, instead of printing the fruit name, it should print “cadabra”. • If both conditions above are satisfied, it should print “Abracadabra”. • If none of the prior criteria are met, then the method should print the fruit name. For example, if the collection contained the Strings “akee”, “pear”, “strawberry”, then the printout would look like: Abracadabra ABRA strawberry Once you have finished your project, clear the terminal window in BlueJ and record the following. Add at least eleven (10) Fruits inside the ArrayList using the add method you wrote. You must have fruits that satisfy all of the printFruits conditions. Demonstrate removing an element using the remove method you wrote, and then find the number of elements using your method. Finally, run your printFruits method. Copy all your calls into a text file (.txt) and save it in your BlueJ project folder. 5 Assignment Q5 To be completed in week 5 Create a new BlueJ project called your username-A1Q5. For example, mine would be nfrancis10-A1Q5. Inside the project you will need to create two classes, which is PartA and PartB. Part A: Imagine you need to open a standard combination dial lock but don’t know the combination. Write a Java program in BlueJ with a method that prints all of the possible combinations, so you can print them on a piece of paper and check off each one as you try it. Assume the numbers on each dial range from zero to nine and three numbers in sequence are needed to open the lock. For example, the output would look like: 0-0-0 0-0-1 0-0-2 // lots more combinations 9-9-8 9-9-9 Part B: Suppose the lock isn’t a very good one and any number that’s no more than one away from the correct number in each digit will also work. Write another method that takes 3 parameters of type int that are the combination of the lock. The method will print out a minimal list of combinations you would need to try to guarantee opening the lock. For example, if the combination is 7-6-3 then 7-5-4, 6-6-2, 8-5-3 and other combinations will also open the lock. The first combination printed would be 6-5-2 and the last would be 8-7- 4. You will also need to make sure that no number in the combinations that are printed is less that zero and greater than nine as the numbers on each dial range from zero to nine. 6 Submission You should now have 4 BlueJ projects and 1 word document and a text file. You must zip the projects, the word document and the text file in into one zip file called For example, mine would be Submit this file via the Assignment 1 link on MySCU by the due date. Please leave enough time for it to upload, so do not submit at the last minute!