2810ICT— Software Technologies

Scripting, Testing and Version Control
2810ICT— Software Technologies
School of ICT
Griffith University
Trimester 2, 2019
Due at the end of Week 6, Sunday 25th August, midnight.
Assignment Description
This assignment is a small group based assignment that requires a Python program to be
completed that demonstrates understanding of the scripting languages taught in the course.
As part of completing the program, existing functionality will need to be tested to ensure it
is working correctly and new functions will be added to the program. A version control
system shall be used to build the project and create and manage changes to source code
over time.
It is important to note that submission of this assignment is a requirement for passing the
course. Late submissions will be marked according to Griffith University’s assessment policy.
5% of the overall mark will be deducted for each business day late. After 5 days, no
submissions will be accepted.
Group Requirements
This assignment should be completed in pairs (groups of 2). If you are unable to work in a
pair or have any specific issues, you should discuss this with your campus convenor. Make
sure you include the name and student number of both group members in your
Submission Requirements
This assignment must be submitted online via [email protected] under the assessment page. Only 1
submission per group is needed. Your submission should include;
– A word document (preferred), PDF Is also acceptable, other formats are not
allowed. The provided template shall be used.
– A .py script file containing the final (fixed) version of the code.
– A .py file(s) containing unit test code and test cases. You can include a separate
modified version of the original program if it better fits in with your test code.
Problem Statement
The goal of a ladder-gram is to transform a source word into the target word in the least
number of steps. During each step, you must replace one letter in the previous word so that
a new word is formed, but without changing the positions of the other letters. All words
must exist in the supplied dictionary (dictionary.txt). For example, we can achieve the
alchemist’s dream of changing “lead” to “gold” in 3 steps (lead->load->goad->gold), or
“hide” to “seek” in 6 steps (hide->side->site->sits->sies->sees->seek).
You have been supplied with a Python program (word_ladder.py) for this problem that was
written by an obviously brilliant Python programmer who unfortunately did not believe in
documentation nor that users would make any mistakes. Even worse, this code has been
modified by a somewhat less talented programmer and it no longer works as efficiently as it
used to.
Your assignment is to:
 Produce a software design document based on the sample template for this
program. In particular you must document each function within the program stating
clearly what they do and how they do it.
 You must modify the Python code so that:
o ALL possible user input errors are handled correctly.
o The program performs as it did before the less talented programmer got his
hands on it. In particular it must go from “lead” to “gold” in 3 steps and
“hide” to “seek” in 6 steps.
 You must use the Python unittest module to test the functions of your program and
provide test cases for each function. Note that to facilitate the testing, you can
rewrite the code to make it testable.
 You must make all program changes using a configuration management tool
(BitBucket recommended) such that each change can be tracked and easily undone.
 For full marks, you must add the following functionality to the program:
o The user can supply a list of words that are not allowed to be used within the
steps from a start word to a target word.
o The user has the option of supplying a word that must exist on the path to
the target word. (HINT: split this into 2 paths, making sure the target word
doesn’t appear on the first path to the intermediary word )
In addition, 7810ICT (Masters) students must also add the following functionality:
o The user has the option of asking for a list of all possible unique paths (i.e. no
common words) of a specified length from the start word to the target word.
This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade. The assignment will be marked out of 100
and marks will be allocated as follows:
o Documentation of software and testing: 30 marks
o Fixing ladder-gram functionality: 20 marks
o Correct use of the unittest module and correct acceptance testing: 20 marks
o Use of version control: 10 marks
o Implementation of additional features: 20 marks
 For full marks you must also write unit test’s for the additional
Additionally, marks will be deducted for incorrect:
o Naming conventions
o Poor English/grammar in the documentation
o Lack of comments in the code
Please note that all submitted assignments will be analysed by a plagiarism detector that is
specifically designed for assignment submissions containing program source code.