Supporting Individuals through Significant Life Events

Appendix – 2


Exemplar Student Reflective Practice Logs: Meeting the Unit Assessment Criteria






Student name  

Unit number and title

22 Supporting Individuals through Significant Life Events
Assessment criteria LO2 M2, LO3 D3, LO4 M3, LO4 D4 (circle as appropriate)
How well did you achieve the practice criteria for this unit?
What challenges did you face?


Are there any specific examples from your placement that evidence your learning/development, e.g. Interpersonal skills, dealing with specific issues requiring ethical consideration?
What skills and/or qualities do you consider you need to develop as a result of completing this element of the unit?


How can you action plan to develop these skills and/or qualities further/ help to improve provision in the healthcare sector?
Student signature   Date
Assessor name    
Assessor signature   Date


Appendix – 3

Witness Statement

A witness statement is used to provide a written record of students’ performance against targeted assessment criteria. Anyone in the placement who has witnessed the skills being demonstrated can complete this witness statement. It can be someone who does not have direct knowledge of the qualification, unit or evidence requirements as a whole, but who is able to make a professional judgement about the performance of the student in the given situation.

The quality of a witness statement is greatly improved, and enables the Assessor to judge the standard and validity of performance against the grading criteria, if:

  • the witness is provided with clear guidance on the desirable characteristics required for successful performance
  • the evidence requirements are present on the witness testimony (this may need further amplification for a non-assessor)
  • the student or witness also provides a statement of the context in which the evidence is

The witness statement does not confer an assessment decision. The Assessor must:

  • consider all the information in the witness statement
  • note the relevant professional skills of the witness to make a judgement of performance
  • review supporting evidence when making an assessment decision
  • review the statement with the student to enable a greater degree of confidence in the evidence
  • be convinced that the evidence presented by the witness statement is valid, sufficient and

When a number of witnesses are providing testimonies:

  • it may be helpful to collect specimen signatures
  • all witness testimonies should be signed and dated by the witness
  • information of their job role/relationship with students should also be

These details add to the validity and authenticity of the testimony and the statements made in it.



Student name      
Qualification   Level 5 HND in Healthcare Practice  
Unit number and title   Unit 22 –  Supporting Individuals with l  Specific Needs
List the assessment criteria for which the activity provides evidence
Description of activity/skill witnessed
Witness name     Job role
*Witness signature     Date
Student name      
Student signature     Date
Assessor name      
Assessor signature     Date


* All forms must be accompanied by a stamp from workplace or a letterhead to authenticate the signature












Appendix – 4



Sample of Reflective Journals


Date Description and analysis of an event/incident/ relating to your work Assessment – what had happened, should not have happened. What you should do in future.