Supply Chain & Logistics in Global Context

The module specializes in the main issues in International logistics, designing, and implementation to underline their strategic importance to firms. The module places supply chain designing and logistics in the context of International business. When introducing the operational aspects of international logistics, the course highlights the roles of inventory management, international transportation, international payment, and information systems in a firm’s international operation. The later part of the course focuses on the designing of a global supply chain to counter risks, enhance efficiency and promote sustainability.

  • Understand cross-functional drivers of the supply chain in a globally competitive context.
  • Understand Multi-model logistics systems, shipping strategies, stockholding, inventory, and warehousing management in a global context.
  • Understand supply chain management system models and techniques like SCOR and CPFR.
  • Analyse financial agreements within supply chain management systems and the issues surrounding tariffs, taxes, and payment methods in supply chain networks.