SUGGESTED GUIDELINES FOR WRITING THE INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PLAN Topic : marketing plan of ‘MADE Group Australia’ if they wanted to operate in Singapore. This is a group assignment but this file only contains the part I have to make. Mission Statement In some instances, this mission statement will already exist and be accessible for you to report. In other cases, you will not be able to access the mission statement or the company you have chosen will not have one. In this case, outline what you believe to be an appropriate statement of the company’s mission, and why you believe your statement to be appropriate. The market (describe the market in which the product is to be sold) a) Customers – Characteristics of consumer target groups (age, gender, income, occupation, lifestyle and personality, family size, geographic location etc) – Consumer preferences and buying habits – Product use patterns (and intended product use) – Product feature preferences – Shopping habits b) Competition – Identification of the main players – Relevant market shares – Industry type (e.g., monopoly, oligopoly) – Significant differences between your product(s) and the competition’s product(s) in terms of the 4Ps c) Market size and sales estimates – Industry sales estimates for the year – Sales estimates for your company d) Summary Your company a) Organisational factors (e.g., current performance, structure, information systems, corporate culture, leadership, managerial capabilities, workforce satisfaction) b) Marketing factors (e.g., relative market share in the domestic market, breadth of product range, product/service quality, customer loyalty, distribution costs, dealer network) c) Financial factors (e.g., capital, profitability, margins, financial stability) d) Manufacturing factors (e.g., production facilities, economies of scale, flexibility, technical skills) e) Summary Statement of Problems and Opportunities Note : kindly MAKE SWOT analysis . This section provides an opportunity for you to summarise, analyse and interpret the research conducted to date. You can use established tools such as SWOT analysis to do this. If you are dealing with a company which has little or no previous international marketing experience you might want to make explicit reference to this fact and indicate that this will likely have implications for your subsequent marketing strategy. International Marketing Programme Note : please relate the 4P of marketing mix to the given below objectives Objectives : 1. Gain 10% market share after the first year, 2017, within the shelf stable milk sub-category and increase it to 20% by 2018. 2. Position ESL milk as an innovative, premium and healthy alternative to fresh milk by attracting customers from the fresh milk sub-category with at least .5% sales coming from switchers at the end of 2017. 3. Achieve at least 1% of sales through online channels after the first year and reach 5% after the second year. 4. Build a strong distribution network while gaining visibility at leading grocery retail outlets in a mix of formats in over 900 POS after the first year with the help of a Singaporean agent. • Marketing Mix Describe in detail the decisions you have made in terms of the 4Ps. Try to be as practical as possible. Do not propose alternatives unless you specify which of the alternatives is your chosen one. For example, avoid using terminology such as “The company could [etc]”. Rather, take a stand, and decide what the company should, rather than could, do. Justify your choices, decisions, tactics, based on your own research and use the tools outlined in class and in the book. • Evaluation and Control How do you propose to ensure that you have achieved the expected result(s)? For example, if the expected result, is customer satisfaction, how will you measure customers’ levels of satisfaction once the plan has been put into practice? • Implementation (where possible) This refers to the ways in which you will put your recommendations into practice and it applies to all elements of the marketing mix. a) Responsibilities: who is to implement the plan? b) Time scale: when will it be completed? c) Budgets: how much will it cost? – optional section d) Outcomes: what is the expected result? References Note : referencing should be done in Harvard style Provide evidence of all the information sources you tapped by listing your sources. A smaller font size (no smaller than 10 points) is acceptable for this particular section. One way to save space and yet provide all references is to code them by number, so that in the text, when you need to provide a source or reference for a statement you make, insert the relevant number pertaining to the particular information reference, rather than the reference itself. For example, in the text, state: “New Zealand has a population of 3.1 million inhabitants5”, and in the “References” section, list your sources by number as such: 5 DFAT Country report, 1999 . Appendices These should be kept to a minimum. (please) MARKING GUIDE You will be marked on the strength of your arguments, the solidity of your justifications, and your use of international market research data. Things that I will look for in your work, include: Presentation Are all the elements necessary for a title page and table of contents there? What is the visual appeal of the overall report? Statement of Problems and Opportunities What kind of information was collected (i.e., secondary and primary)? How was the information collected? Have appropriate secondary information sources been tapped (e.g., Austrade/DFAT and World Bank country reports, foreign embassies)? Was this information up-to-date? If not, were reasons given as to why a more recent document was not obtained? Was the information obtained directly relevant? Did it cover all the relevant areas? Were all elements of the SWOT discussed? Were the research findings directly employed in the identification of the SWOT factors, and the assessment of their priority? Were satisfactory justifications provided for the assessment of the immediate relevance/risk of the SWOT elements? Marketing mix and implementation The elements of the international marketing mix should then be discussed in detail. Ensure that the tactics selected are appropriate in relation to the chosen objectives, and that they are justified. This is the section where you can be as creative as you want. Therefore, creativity and originality of ideas are the first criteria to be taken into consideration. However, creativity should be demonstrated in the context of marketing rigor. Ensure all elements of the mix are discussed. Precision is also a key criterion here. Detail is needed to ensure that the marketing manager who reads the report can actually implement all the strategies and tactics dictated in the report without needing further information (for example, if staff training is recommended, you should also have outlined who is to be trained, when, by whom, for how long, to do what, where, etc.). In terms of implementation, ensure you have taken into account who is to implement the relevant parts of the plan (responsibilities), when the marketing plan is to be actioned and how long the implementation is to last (time scale), how much it will all cost (budget), and what the expected result is (outcome). Evaluation and Control Control is the final section of the report and should clearly outline how the anticipated outcomes described in the previous section are to be evaluated and measured. Good Luck

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