submit a project proposal. Scope of assignment • 1500 words and more

The purpose of this assignment • Analyse and determine a research methodology that integrates research tools and methodologies in order to solve the research problem. • Develop an implementation plan and submit a project proposal. Scope of assignment • 1500 words and more – methodology section. • Students to submit a Gantt chart to outline the timeline for conducting proposed research in PPMP20016. • No need to submit appendices of part A & B. Just add a section at the beginning to confirm your research question and objectives. What you must NOT do? • Proceeding with explaining the research method without first analysing the methodology. • Selecting a methodology or method without justifying why it is more appropriate for your research. Suggested structure 1. Cover sheet (I will make) 2. Executive summary 3. Table of content 4. Introduction including refined research question and objectives. 5. Research approach (qualitative or quantitative or both and why?) (Need to justified) 6. Data collection method AND procedures: Interviews, surveys, secondary data, etc. and why? AND Steps followed to collect data. 7. Sampling 8. Pilot study 9. Ethics statement. 10. Implementation plan: Gantt chart 11. Summary 12. References list (Referencing Style – Harvard (author-date)) 13. Appendix (if any) Separate criteria Grade Presentation – The report is logical in its construction with no spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. 10% Referencing – In-text and reference list consistently adhere to a single Authordate system throughout. 10% Methodology and methods – Creative and highly appropriate methodology is clearly articulated and justified. 65% Implementation plan – Highly Robust, detailed and practical timeline with reasonable estimated durations of each stage. 15% Presentation Slides structure • Cover sheet • Introduction/background (1 slide) • Problem Statement (1 slide) • Research question or hypothesis AND objectives (1 slide) • Conceptual framework diagram (1 slide) • literature review findings (1 slide) • Methodology (1 slide) • Implementation plan Gantt chart (1 slide) • Summary (1 slide) • References # Need 9 slides not included cover page and reference slide. I give you 8 slide structure, 1 slide structure I will give you after professor consult.

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