Student Name and Student Number clearly displayed on ECU

Construction Site Management ENS5112 Site Report 2 Issued: 21st September 2017 via Blackboard Latest Submission time: 4pm 19thOctober 2017 (as per Unit Plans) Submission Format: Hard copy format, with Student Name and Student Number clearly displayed on ECU Assignment Cover sheet and each sheet (see below for details). Soft copy of MS Project files(showing Gantt Chart (_1), Baselined Gantt(_2), and Cost Overview dashboard(_3) ) to be emailed to [email protected] to submission date with file name in format “familyname_firstname_student number _x” Handed to Duncan Robinson in person. Task 1 Compile a schedule for the construction of a tilt up slab car service facility as per the photos attached. Use MS Project (available in the Computer Lab in Room 5.133). The schedule should contain at least five Level One demarcations within the project, and span from site preparation works, through to final fitout and lock up. The project is to commence on 1st January 2018. Use your engineering expertise to estimate the time period in days for each task you designate. The site working week is 50 hours, being ten hours each working day, with no weekend or public holiday work. The working day commences at 7am and finishes at 5:30pm with a half hour lunch break. Within the MS_Project submission include a customised WBS. Submit a A3 hard copy printout of the following: • Gantt chart showing all labour and materials needed to complete the works. The Gantt chart must include a lag, a milestone (other than “Start” and “Finish”), the WBS displayed on the “Entry” task sheet, notes, and the resources for each task displayed in the Gantt chart. (6 marks) • BaselinedGantt chart for the logical completion of the construction, clearly showing the critical path. Set the first two Level One tasks to 100% complete, and a further Level Two task to 10 hours work completed. (1 mark) • Cost overview dashboard showing the total cost, remaining cost and percentage complete. (1 mark) • Succinct report explaining the logic of how the construction goes together, and any assumptions. Explain any overallocations that had to be cleared. (4 marks) Constraints and Information Two multi-skilled labourers undertake the majority of the work at a charge out rate of $80 per hour. Any work unable to be completed by the labourers to be undertaken by sub contract teams. The teams are to be charged at four times the rate of the labourers. Craneage is provided by the individual sub contractors and as such is included in the sub contract team rate. Concrete is poured by the labourers. Cost per 5m3premix truck is $1200. There are 16 precast panels enclosing the workshop. The panels are delivered to site as a pair on a truck. 4 panels per day can be off loaded, located and braced. The footprint of the structure is 30m x 10.8m. Task 2 Complete a Safe Work Method Statement for the project. Template attached. (3 marks)

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