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Consequently, you should identify where you could improve, using this analysis by evaluating how different theoretical approaches address the specific issue you identified.
Hence, you are required to provide a clear strategy for yourself and the team. Your strategy should be related to theory. Here we will be looking for a highly reflective account (with reference to a reflective model) of your own development during the group project, PJ1. This does not mean commenting on other students’ contributions or input, but focusing only on your own performance and development.
Word Limit The word limit for the main body of the assignment is 1600 words (+/- 10%). Include a title page, contents page, and a list of references – but these do not count towards your word limit. You are expected to read extensively around the issue you have identified.
Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this assessment, you
will be able to: 1. Compare, contrast and critically evaluate different theoretical approaches in measuring effective teamwork and group dynamics within project management. 2. Communicate effectively and empathetically