Strategic Management

Date Time: Total Weighted Mark:
Student’s Name& ID
Student’s Name& ID
Student’s Name& ID
Student’s Name& ID
Course Name/ Code Strategic Management -BUS409
Instructor Dr. Ajayeb Salama, Dr. AlaEldein Awawdeh
Semester Fall 2022
CLOs as per the Syllabus ALL (1-7)

For details of marking scheme, refer to Rubrics # ACA/F11.04


Note: This Project accounts for 40% of the Student Final Grade.

Capstone project

As students who are taking this course, you must apply the strategic management concepts that are learned from the course. You can choose among several organizations to write your final project. These organizations range from large to small companies, manufacturing, and/or service businesses.

Company name: Construction Equipment & Solutions | Cat | Caterpillar

Need to write about 1 and ½ page about below only:

Vision and mission

Business strategy and choices

But be sure don’t take information’s as copy paste from there website