specific health behavior

Community Recommendations:

You have been asked to create a proposal to present on a specific health behavior at the community center’s wellness fair. In your proposal, you will identify a specific health behavior as the focus of your proposal and conduct a health behavior analysis. You will then create recommendations for how the community center can promote wellness related to the specific health behavior.

Specifically, you must address the following:

Health Behavior Analysis: As the first piece of your proposal, conduct a health behavior analysis. To begin, research your specific county using the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps website. Find your state through the search bar or the clickable map. Then click the Rankings tab and select your specific county. As you conduct your health behavior analysis, address the following:

Describe the demographics of the county, and explain how these demographics might impact access to healthcare.

Tip: There is a County Demographics tab at the top of the page, and you may need to click the plus button to expand the section.

As you explain the impact of the demographics on access to healthcare, you might consider the disparities that exist in the county, or the determinants of health that might impact access to care.

For the focus of your proposal, select a health behavior that is impacting the county. Use data to support the reasoning for your selection. For example, you might consider how the issue is ranked in the county in comparison with other counties.

Describe the current programs and initiatives in place to address the selected health behavior. These programs and initiatives might be at the county, state, or federal level.

Tip: To help you research, you might use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, your local health department, or the public health nonprofit organizations in your area.

Determine where your county falls on the illness-wellness continuum and support your response with research. As you make your determination, you might consider factors such as healthcare access, demographics, and current programs and initiatives in place.

Community Recommendations: Now that you have conducted a health behavior analysis, create recommendations for how the community center can improve wellness related to the specific health behavior. As you develop your community recommendations, address the following:

Recommend actions the community center can take to promote wellness related to your identified health behavior. At this point, imagine that elements such as budget and time are not obstacles. As you develop your recommendations, consider the following:

Are there limitations in how the current programs and initiatives address the health behavior?

Are there improvements that can be made to the current programs and initiatives to ensure that they address the needs of the community?

Are there any additional programs, initiatives, or policies that should be created to assist in promoting wellness related to the health behavior?

How will you inform the public of new resources available to them, or increase awareness of current programs and initiatives?

Explain how the recommendations support wellness standards and increase the county’s wellness rating on the illness-wellness continuum. In your explanation, you might consider wellness standards such as Healthy People 2020.

Develop a proposal in which you analyze a specific health behavior and create community recommendations to improve wellness. Your proposal must be 750 to 1,250 words in length and must cite any and all references appropriately.