Social Science Journal

Social Science Journal

.Each submission should be about 500 words, double-spaced with the use of complete sentences and correct grammar. Points will vary by question as noted below and based on the amount of additional research required.
In “How Homophobia Hurts Everyone,” Warren J. Blumenfeld began the essay by explaining how homophobia not only affected him growing up as a gay man, but also how it affected his heterosexual sister Susan. Attempt to put yourself in Susan’s shoes and describe two ways that she was hurt by homophobia in having a gay brother.

Let’s now think of how other forms of oppression negatively affect everyone. Name how each of the following negatively affects everyone: (1) classism; (2) racism; and (3) religious oppression.
After reading, “Becoming an Ally,” describe in your own words, what the term “ally” means to you. Now answer one set of questions below:

1. Have you responded as any ally in any form? Explain the incident(s) and how you responded. Describe one other way of responding as an ally that you would like to do in the future.


2. If you have not responded as an ally when you had the opportunity in the past, explain the incident(s) and how you responded. What do you think held you back from responding as an ally? What do you think you can do differently in the future?