Social Media Strategy Proposal

Social Media Strategy Proposal
Student name:
Yamile Villacorta – ID A00040653
Shane Murphy
Torrens University 2022
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
Table of content
SWOT Analysis
Identification of appropriate target audience(s) and a profile created
Target audiences
User profile
Social Media strategy objectives
Social Media plan
Evaluation and Analytic tools
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
IAPG is a nonprofit organisation for widening the discussion and creating awareness
about problems of ethics applied to the Geosciences. The organisations has 35 national
sections and involve a network of 2895 members in 127 countries on 5 continents and
(IAPG, 2022).
IAPG promotes and teach Geoethics through the international collaboration through
social media platforms such as, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
This organisation also does geoscientific exhibitions such as MinerLima run every year in
Peru (Di Capua, 2021).
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
SWOT Analysis
• Original data and research:
Exceptional high-quality content
provided by experts (geologists,
engineers, PHD’S and masters).
• Campaigns and expos: IAPG Peru
offers free access to all their
• Associations: IAPG has global
associations over the world.
• Visibility: Not all audience is
engaged on the social media
• Visual Content: Basic visuals
of one colour, very long posts
(too much texts).
• Although their effort to
engage public in different
channels as they are
scientific and no experts in
communication or marketing
they can reach the public
interest as desired.
•Partnership: collaboration with
international organisations:
International Union of Geological
Sciences, European Federation of
Geologists, International
Association for Engineering
Geology and the Environment and
• Potential audience growth:
Reaching any sort of audience with
content that people truly trust and
believe. (M.Stelzner, 2019)
• Brand: Consumers trust brand
content more than traditional
advertising. (M.Stelzner, 2019)
• CTA’s miss-using: audience is
not engaged (Adlava, 2022).
• Reduced audience: Poor
visual and variety of
content could lead to
reducing the amount of
engaged audience in social
media platforms. (Adlava,
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
Identification of appropriate target audience(s) and a profile created
Target audiences
Environmental scientist
Geotechnical engineer
Environmental consultant
Geotechnical engineer
Research scientist
User profile
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
Social Media strategy objectives
Develop the Social media platform (Facebook and Instagram) and get followers.
Perform the Social Media Audit and take the strategic implementation
Develop the profile and tag them with high personality
Develop and follow the Social Content Calendar
Setup a dedicated team to post back the replies on time and have them engaged.
Social Media plan
Selection: the following social medias have been chosen as they are the most
audience engaged platforms having 1k-10k followers (Geologize training courses, n.d).
Facebook: Facebook is the largest social media platform and the most
established. Since its launch in 2004, it has become an invaluable tool for B2C
businesses, offering advanced advertising tools as well as organic opportunities.
(Baker.K, 2020; Adlava, 2022).
Instagram: Although Instagram launched only 12 years ago, the platform has
taken the world by storm. When it comes to sharing visually compelling content,
Instagram is where brands go. Another thing that sets the platform apart is its
advanced ecommerce tools. Today, users can discover brands, browse their
products and/or service, and complete a purchase without ever leaving the app –
making Instagram a hard platform to beat (Baker.K, 2020).
Brief justification:
According to Dr Haydon Mort (2022) the best way create interest into the next
generation about geoscience using visual platforms such as Instagram. Due to
general lack of public understanding around the world about the subject,
educators experts agreed that past strategies haven’t worked so it is needed to
change in order to raise the profile of our science in the public’s-consciousness.
• Geoscientists can help the population to understand the value of geoscience and
teach them about its multiple applications using media. In many ways socialising
geosciences and its proper application in line with geoethical values will be
useful to society for the public benefit(Villacorta, Toledo, & Araujo, 2022).
Content development: concepts/themes for each platform.
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
• Due to Geoscience is an interdisciplinary and “socially-minded” area of science.
many aspects of this science can impact the public. For this reason, effective
written communication is crucial in geoscience because the science needs to be
explained to both the public and other scientists. Geoscientists must be aware
when writing to these different audiences to explain content at appropriate
levels of complexity (Penn State University Libraries, 2021).
• When explaining scientific topics to a non-science audience, just keep in mind
that your listeners or readers will likely need scientific concepts explained to
them in non-technical terms and in more detail. Edit out extraneous information
that they don’t need, stick to a few main points and when in doubt, remember
that simpler is usually better (Ashworth, 2022).
• To increase engagement to Geoscience, it should be implemented in the IAPG
platform attractive contents such as: thumbnails, capturing themes, Hook:
Interesting conclusion at the beginning, story and emotion throughout and
• An effective way to achieve engagement of the objective public through the
selected social media platforms is using a plain language. For example, the use of
analogies when explaining complex geological concepts that the users can ‘’get’’
the relevant information.
• Also using emotional connection with the audience is possible to reach them as
the y could feel that the scientist has a human side.
Refer the attached the Social Media Content Calendar and update the contents
Social media content calendar organises the publishing schedule by date that enables
to keep track of the deadlines as well as better management of content creation
team. It also creates transparency with the stakeholders who depend on the
publishing schedule. Each social media network is different. It is essential to
implement different content for different social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.
It is a plan for the publications across various social media platforms.
Engaging and effective content is essential for increasing reach as well as interaction
with the Facebook page of IAPG. There are various post ideas for facebook for
increasing engagement.
Asking questions
It is one of the simple and powerful strategy. It is essential to think creatively and ask
questions to the audience. The aim of IAPG is to create awareness on Geosciences and
geoethics. In order to create content around that, first we need to ask creative
questions to audiences. The responses from audiences will be useful to create next
content based on that.
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
Potential creative questions for the Facebook posts are as follows :
• Are you interested to learn about the early solar system and earth ?
• Is rainfish possible ?
• How icebergs loose their salts ?
Behind the scenes
Next, great Facebook content side as for sharing BTS (behind the scenes) photos. IAPG
can achieve this many ways. The photos of the geoscientists during exploration can be
posted to make curious among audiences.
Dan Duncan
Research Scientist Associate , University of Texas Institute for Geophysics)
Trending topics
One of the best way for increasing engagement as well as reach for posting latest
trending topics that people are talking. It will increase engagement and likely to
comment as well as share the posts well.
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
IAPG canal so create branded graphics with its logo, colours and fonts to share memes,
quotes, relevant tips and motivational sayings in different branded graphics. Sharing
branded graphics is also most effective solution.
Telling stories
Story telling is the best way for connecting with the followers on different level. IPAG
can convey story about Geoethics or science via scientists in this-field.
Videos are another great idea for improving audience. IPAG can create as well as share
educational and informational videos to improve their strategy. It is an effective way to
create awareness around Geoethics.
Contests&give is always a great way for increasing engagement, brand awareness, reach
and overall followers.
The following contents are useful for the Instagram to engage audience.
Display the contents based on behind the scenes
Showing how the Geoscientists acts ethically on their fields
Showing interesting quizzes and puzzles
Telling stories through illustrations
Displaying inspirational quotes
Documenting an event
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
Evaluation and Analytic tools
Metrics are used to evaluate how well the implemented social media strategy is going.
Following are the awareness metrics that convey numbers to show how many people see
the social media content as well as how much attention IPAG gets through social media.
It indicates the number of users who see the content. It is possible to monitor the reach
of individual posts, video or story. It is also possible to get subset of this metric such as
what percentage of reach is made up of non-followers and followers.
It depicts how many times people saw the social media content. Usually , it is higher
than reach.
Growth rate of audience
It conveys the number of new followers at a specific period of time on social media.
Engagement metrics
Engagement rate
It indicates number of engagements (like comments, reactions and shares) that the
content receives as a percentage of the audience.
• Amplification rate
It is the ratio of per post’s share to the number of overall followers.
• Virality rate
It specifies how much the content is shared.
PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
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PRL201 Content Creator for Social Media
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