If necessarynecessary for the activities, you should attached completed written answers, portfolios or any evidence of competency to this workbook.
SECTION A: SKILLS ACTIVITY Objective: To provide you with an opportunity to show you have the required skills for this unit. This activity will enable you to demonstrate the following skills: D Reading skills D Writing skills D Oral communication skills ➢ Numeracy skills ➢ Learning skills ➢ Problem-solving skills ➢ Planning and organising skills ➢ Technology skills
Answer the activity in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements.
1. This skills based activity will require you to develop a cyclic menu for a specific group of ) customers with_special dietary reuirenents. You will need to choose dishes iii accordance with any health-related problems and-cultural meal requirements. The meals on the menu should offer the greatest health benefit and nutritional balance. You should also ensure that there is some variety in the menu
It will be necessary to consult the customers and other health professionals regarding the selection of appropriate dishes. You should also calculate the costs of preparation and account for budgetary constraints. The required information should be organised for a timely and efficient development process. Computers and software programs should be used to cost and document the menu.
You will need to gather feedback after the introduction of the cyclic menu and gather feedback from the customers. You should demonstrate the ability to listen and accurately record any key details that they provide. Adjustments should be made for improved performance of the menu.
This activity will need to be observed, and a signed record of this observation (completed by the assessor or third party) should be uploaded in your answer. It should detail what was done, when it was done, the time it was completed in, the completed actions and the overall outcome of the tasks.
Spencer College 19 SITHKOP004 Develop menus for special dietary requirements