significant interaction

 Think about an organisation that youhave had a significant interaction with•E.g. A workplace, university, hospital, service provider
•Do not invent a scenario with an organisation• Be specific–when didthe interaction occur? Don’t manufacturea situation from information in the public domain• Examiners now how to web surf also.
Questions to Answer in your Essay
•What is the purpose of the organisation?
•What is the scope of its operations?
•From your perspective what criteria would use to evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation.
–Justify your selection of the criteria.
•Consider the criteria that two other stakeholder groups ofthe organisation might use to evaluate its effectiveness.
•Stakeholder Groups (examples)•Owners•Employees•Customers•Creditors•Community•Suppliers•Government
•Analysis of Effectiveness
•What do you conclude from this analysis•
The effectiveness from the perspective of the different stakeholders?
•What are the implications for the development of a coherent approach to organisational effectiveness
•Synthesis of your findings
•For every 500 words, it is expected a minimum ofthree (3) different references apart from the subjecttextbook taken from peer reviewed journals.