SHR018-2: Human Resource Management

Subject SHR018-2: Human Resource Management

Case Study – Prestwood High School

You are the Deputy Head at this community school responsible for the performance management of a range of staff) that comprise teachers, learning support assistants and part-time adult education tutors health service professionals You have limited HR training but are not CIPD accredited despite your extensive responsibilities as a ‘people manager’ within the School.

Your role does not include setting pay / reward pay scales for teachers which are nationally determined, but you are responsible for the overall efficiency of the range of education services provided. As such, you determine aspects of
professional service delivery in relation to the relevant staff to meet the targets / improvements identified by the ratings of the national regulator, the Office for Standards in Education [OFSTED].


Q1: You have two options for performance managing staff:
option 1~ an approach involving formal target setting and review meetings with teachers; or option 2~ a softer coaching mentoring approach.

Using relevant academic and practitioner material critically evaluate which option would you adopt.
Q2: Devise a detailed Action Plan for correcting the issues raised by OFSTED. Your answer must include SMART targets and key success factors. Focus on the relevant HR issues for Prestwood High School.

Q3: Given that staff have been criticized by OFSTED and may feel anxious / depressed / wanting to leave, what HR processes would you put in place to ensure staff well-being going forward? Your answer must include reference
to specific, relevant, Well Being research that supports the processes you are recommending.