Sexual Harassment Scenarios

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tell if he had been raped or not. He knows he didn’t want to have sex with these women he didn’t know, but can’t understand why he couldn’t fight them off (they were both smaller than him) and why he had an erection.
3. Monica is seventeen and has been having sex with guys since she was fifteen. Gary is twenty-one and heard that Monica was “hot stuff” in bed. They go out and have consensual sex. Next day, Gary’s friend tells him he raped Monica. Is Gary’s friend correct?
Sexual Harassment Scenarios

For each scenario below, decide whether sexual harassment occurred, whether it was mild, moderate, or severe, what the “perpetrator” could or should have done differently, and what the “victim” could do about the problem or potential problem.
1. A female student has asked a male student to stop asking her out on dates and to stop paying her compliments. He continues to sit next to her (she hasn’t moved her seat). He no longer talks to her, however he stares at her throhout most of each class.
2. A teacher notices that one of his students has a crush on him. Both are adults, and when they talk after class she has made it clear that she would like to date him. He tells her that they could get together to work on her academic standing, which has been slipping recently. During a tutoring session, his attraction to her gets the better of him and he talks her into having sex with him, saying it won’t hurt her grade. She gets a for the course.


3. A construction worker whistles and applauds as an attractive woman walks by his construction site
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