Setting visualisation layout

2:55:00 311 1 AI A 8% +.
Assignment details 7PAM2004-0206-2021 – Data Handling and Visualisation
– These can be suitable titles of graphical elements or complementary texts.
The remaining 11 points will be awarded for:
– Setting visualisation layout and subplots [2 marks for Python code + 1 mark for an explanation of your layout]
– Visual appeal and clarity of your visualisation:
– A clear structure of the story you want to tell [1 mark]
– Suitable and coherent font types, sizes, and colours [1 mark]
– Suitable and coherent colours (e.g. colours across various plots should be balanced, not eye-stressing) [1 mark]
– Good Python coding practice and commenting [2 marks] – A paragraph explaining your visualisation [3 marks]: – What is the main message of your visualisation? – What information is displayed in each visualisation element? – How different visualisation elements are linked together? – I recommend writing this paragraph in a Markdown cell at the end of your notebook.
Please verify that your Python code works well:
– Click on Jupyter notebook menu item “Kernel”, then “Restart & Run All”
– Check if all Python code cells were executed without
an error
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