Semester 1

FIT5137 Assignment 3 Specification Semester 1 2022
right click on a node and move the mouse to select tcpdump in the provided list and then select the intended interface. You can also run tcpdump from the command line using the commantbpdun, 1 eth0 to pnnt the summary of the captured packets from eth0 interface in the terminal. To write the captured packets to a file use the command with w option followed by a filename. For instance running the command tcpdump w /home/muni/R3eth3.pcap i eth3 on the node R3 will capture the traffic on its eth3 interface and store the frames in a file named R3 eth3.pcap under /home/muni directory. You can then stop the capture with Control+C and use Wireshark to analyse the captured packets.
• Any changes you make to the nodes when the emulation is running will be lost when you stop the emulation. You can test the changes you want to make when the emulation is running and once you have the correct commands then add them through the GUI in the proper service. For example to add static routes to a router that persist and will be stored with the configuration file, you need to add ip route add commands to the StaticRoute service of that router. • If you make changes to a core configuration file and then close the core window without saving the changes, you will not be warned and the changes will be lost. hence if you wish to keep the changes you have rnade, you must save before closing the core window. • Make sure to keep a backup of your core file in the shared folder in case you encounter issues with your VM and you need to replace the VM so that you would not lose the work you have done. It is your responsibility to backup your work.
• You must not change the name of any node in the given configuration file.
Tasks Task A: Routing 35 +10 = 45 Marks]
The routing tables of the routers in the provided network are not configured. The correct configurationof this task allows any host from any network to reach any other host in the entire network. You must satisfy the following requirements while completing this task:
1. All hosts inside talos . edu network must be reachable from any other host within that network through an optimal path. You need to add static routes to routersR1, R2,3, and R4 to accomplish this goal. You must explain your reasons for choosing a path in the report. The notatiorhs for links represents the propagation delay in microseconds. You can assume that the processing delay is negligible. 2. The router R3 must be the default gateway of thetalos . edu network. The router Internet rnust be the default gateway of 13 and minerva (the only router of Delos). You will lose marks if you create routing loops.