Self-Leadership Questionnaire



Task 1. Self-Leadership Questionnaire (Houghton and Neck, 2002)

Read each of the following items carefully and try to decide how true the statement is in describing you.

Not at all Accurate

Somewhat Accurate

A Little Accurate

Mostly Accurate

Completely Accurate






I use my imagination to picture myself performing well on important tasks

I create specific goals for my own performance.

Sometimes I talk to myself (out loud / in my head) to help me deal with problems I face.

When I do a task very well, I treat myself to something I enjoy.

I think about my own beliefs and values when I encounter a difficult situation.

I tend to be self-critical when I have performed poorly.

I keep track of how well I’m doing at work (university).

I focus on the positive rather than the negative aspects of my job (university) activities

I use written notes to remind myself of what I need to accomplish.

I imagine myself successfully finishing a task before I start it.

I keep my goals in mind while working.

I try to evaluate the accuracy of my own beliefs about situations I am having problems with.

I tend to be tough on myself when I have not done well on a task.

I’m usually aware of how well I’m doing as I perform an activity.

I try to surround myself with objects and people that bring out my best practice.

I work toward specific goals I have set for myself.

I openly question my assumptions when I have a disagreement with someone.

I feel guilt when I perform a task poorly.

I pay attention to how well I’m doing in my work.

When I have a choice, I try to do my work in ways that I enjoy rather than just trying to get it over with.

I purposefully visualize myself overcoming the challenges I face.

I keep track of my progress on my current projects.

I seek out activities in my work that I enjoy doing.

I write specific goals for my own performance.

I find my own favourite ways to get things done.






Task 2: Reflective Commentary (200 words)

Answer the following questions on this week’s sessions. You may choose to answer the questions one at a time or write in paragraphs.


Which aspect of today’s session did I find most interesting? Why?

One thing I learnt

I’m not sure about…

I might have learnt more if ….

Things I want to do now…





3. Personal Development Plan

Think about the results of the questionnaire you did and the information from today’s lesson. What have you learnt about yourself and your skills? Are you satisfied with your results? Is this an area that could be improved? If so, consider making this topic one of your Development Episodes.

Complete the PDP below by answering the questions fully with specific details. Remember that it is normal for your ideas and PDP to change as the course continues and your priorities alter.

STEP 1: Identify Your Development Needs

A. Why are you seeking development at this time?

B. What are you seeking to develop at this time?

C. Emphasis: What do you need? What is your specific goal?

STEP 2: Identify Your Development Options

D. What steps could you take to develop the new knowledge, skills and behaviours?

E.g. read more about the topic? Watch some videos about the topic? Practise the skill

every day for 30 minutes? Organise the way you learn?

Think about your own learning preferences and adapt the task to suit.

E. Considerations arising from ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’

Speed: How quickly do you need to develop the knowledge, skills or behaviours identified?


F: Identify Your Development Options



STEP 3: Plan for Development Activities

G. Write down the steps you will take to accomplish your task.

What could go wrong with your plan?

What will you do if your original plan does not work well?

Think of an alternative way to achieve your goal.





STEP 4: Undertake Development Activities

H. List your development activities completed throughout the semester





STEP 5: Apply new knowledge/ skills/ behaviours in the workplace

How do you intend to use this new knowledge/ skills/ behaviour in the workplace?

STEP 6: Review and Repeat

Reflect on how this new knowledge/ skill / behaviour helped in your professional development