Self Imagery of Self and Career Identity – Mood Board,

Referencing Styles : Harvard Identity 2: Self Imagery of Self and Career Identity – Mood Board, Feedback and Reflection (750 words) 1. Create a ‘mood board’ of 6 – 10 pictures or images that illustrate your professional skills, talents and experiences as well as your career ambitions. Avoid being literal (with photographs of yourself) but instead use images that are representative of whom you are and who you will become professionally (no clip art please!) Search ‘mood board examples’ to gain a sense of what this form of communication involves, and the range of ways that it can be assembled and presented. Present the mood board to two friends and have them provide you with feedback about what they see. 2. Write 350-400 words summarising the impressions that these people have of your visual representation of yourself, and include your own reflections (300-350 words) on this feedback.

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