Self-awareness creates an opportunity for further development and personal success.
This reflective analysis is designed for you to explore the subject’s introductory content and importantly, identify how it relates to your own experiences and how you may use it in the future
You are required to write a short reflective report covering the content in the first three weeks, that is, all of module one and the first half of module two.  More specifically:

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Module 1.1 – The nature of organisations, the role of management and challenges faced Module 1.2 – Motivation, influence and power and politics and Module 2.1 – Communication, conflict and negotiation
In writing your reflective analysis, you should consider the learning resources provided in the respective modules as well as reading more broadly on the relevant topics.
Think carefully about what you are reading and what has been discussed in class or in online discussions.  Identify the key principles and concepts and be sure you know what they mean, why they are important and how they can be applied.
Your reflective analysis write up may take a variety of forms but must be within the word limit and include:
A short introduction. An analysis of the relevant module topics including their relevance to