Select any one topic from the given list. The

301005 PPC PROJECT MANAGEMENT REPORT The project management report is a group based professional report on a topic of your choosing or from the list below. The size of the group is restricted to 5 students. Select any one topic from the given list. The length of the report should range from 15-20 pages. You must decide your group members (maximum 5 members) and selection of your project topic by Friday, week 5 and email me. List of topics for project management:  Organise a fundraising event to support a charity  Organise a road trip around Australia  Build and launch a new software product  Organise a conference for professionals (engineers, doctors, software developers)  Launch a travel agency  Launch a coaching centre  Launch a real estate agency  Build a new home  Implement a new employee training system  Managing strategies for work place sexual harassments.  Risk assessments  Launch your own Café  Managing medical centre  Organising an event (for example marriage)  Launch a fitness centre  Launch an online business  Launch a call centre  Launch a child care centre  Launch a post office  Note: You may bring your own topic and discuss it with me in the class for approval. Information on Management Report Final written report due date and Time: Week 11, Friday 11:59pm You have to select a topic that is project based. Using project management concepts manage your selected project. Your report will have a purpose, a start and end date and a monetary value associated with it. With this in mind you should consider having the following in your report:  Introduction to the group  Project Details (background, benefits, objectives, constraints, key assumptions, costs, expected outcome, tasks, etc.)  Schedule and major Milestones  Risk Analysis Structure of Management Report: Please note these sections are a guide, and your report might have more or less of these suggested. However, the management report is a professional report and so has to have the following:  Executive Summary  Table of Contents  Introduction  Body (Broken up into sections as suggest above)  Conclusion  References  Appendices Every team member should contribute equally. There will be a peer assessment form that will be filled in by each member of the team evaluating each member’s contribution. This will be accessible after the submission date.

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