Select an Australian based automobile company.

Assessment Item 4 Business Report Value 40% Maximum 3000 words Task: Select an Australian based automobile company. This business should have its operations in the Australian market and should have a legitimate website. Some of the options could be: • Holden • Mercedes Benz • Audi • Honda • Hyundai • BMW • Jaguar • Mazda Once you have selected a company, gather information about its operations, customer feedback, complaints and reputation in the Australian market. Select any one area from either the ones mentioned above or any other that you may discover. Highlight the problems/issues being encountered by the service provider in that area. Once you have observed what the problems are, use your knowledge of business management to provide solutions or offer suggestions. Ensure that the suggestions offered are practical and feasible. There should be theoretical evidence for the same. Assignment Grading Criteria: Criteria High Distinction Accessing and summarising resources (20%) • Evidence of broad, systematic and creative research. Demonstrates skillful use of high quality, credible, relevant sources. Selection of sources goes beyond the mainstream literature. Acknowledging Resources (10%) • Wide range of sources accurately reference. Analysis (20%) • Excellent ability to interpret complex data, to appraise evidence conclusions, evaluate arguments and to formulate and express very sound conclusions. Recommendations/Suggestions Offered for Improvement (30%) • Good and Sound Suggestions Provided For Improvement • Positives and Negatives of each of the suggestions included as well Synthesis: • Structure • Logic • Mechanics (20%) • Well-constructed assignment: appropriate, clear, and smooth transitions; arrangements of organizational elements seems particularly apt; uses sophisticated sentences effectively; usually chooses words aptly; observes professional conventions of written English and report format; free of spelling, grammatical, punctuation and typing errors Use CDU Harvard Referencing style

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