Second Presentation Task

Task 7: Second Presentation Task

(Facilitators may expand this list as needed)

“On the basis of your good presentation characteristics list and your self-assessment, develop a presentation to the IT Executive of your company on one of the following case studies

·         You are the business analyst for an IT services company. Your company has just obtained a contract from a start- up that has invented an amazing new widget to improve agricultural crop productivity. You have been asked by the start-up to provide an overview on what IT systems they will need to support their widget and the company’s operation. These systems should be linked and they will need time lines and a cost estimate

·         Present the benefits of data analytics and how to establish the capability in our company

·         Outline the design for a social media marketing strategy. Describe how it would be established and the costs to develop and operate it

·         The company has just purchased a competitor with 3 sites in the city. Describe the optimum strategy for networking these sites into the company’s system

·         Your company has a ‘state of the art’ cybersecurity system. However, problems continue to arise due to poor staff practice. Identify the key elements of an education program for staff on cybersecurity

·         Your company’s IT department has largely been a maintenance and services function. Now there is a need to establish a new suite of software programs. A PMO needs to be established. Present your findings on a proposed PMO including best practice elements and a strategy for implementation

·         Your company is a major health provider. The IT and health delivery managers are keen to establish a health informatics capability. Present your findings on health informatics the role and potential benefits.

·         (no IT executive here) You are an IT professional invited to give a presentation to first year Bachelor of IT students on strategies to make them competitive in the job market on graduation”


Duration 15 minute; make sure you have completed your preparation checklist :

·         Understand the audience

·         Understand why you are presenting

·         Have you prepared with the right format?

·         Have you considered and practiced your delivery?

Also please ensure that you have a beginning middle and end; include an anecdote and or visual cues; watch you transitions, pace, rhythm, pauses and facilitate questions from the executive team.

There will be a panel of 3 external people playing the IT executive. Panel to have a copy of student’s self-assessment of characteristics of good presentations and checklist attached at the end of the assessment pack. You need to submit three (3) checklists with the assessment filled by the panel during the presentation.