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Unit 5 – Discussion Board (MGT680-2201C-01)
Frances Hollan
UNIT 5 – DISCUSSION BOARD Fri 3/25/2022 9:58 PM
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endeavors. I find that research is like second nature when I am looking to back up my knowledge. Using both my previous skills, professional skills, and now learned skills I can push my future into success. Intellipath assignments have brought me to a deeper understanding of our overarching goals. Unit 1 I learned the internal and external ideas of SWOT, unit 2 I learned how management relates to internal and external environment, unit 3 I learned how business use plans to create change, and unit 4 I learned about conflicts and how to manage threats. These supporting topics have helped me be aware of both internal and external market environments which will help me evaluate topics for the final paper. This new learned knowledge has supported my ambition to excel in all life functions including my career. Part of becoming a good leader is becoming a developed and well-rounded individual. I once herd a phrase that had a huge impact on my life, ‘if everyone around you is the same as you, you are not living life to the fullest’. There is nothing wrong with having friends that are just like you; however, differences creates a culture of acceptance, learning, and growth. If you are satisfied with ordinary, then you will miss out on extraordinary. 2. The elements of a strategy will all depend on the business itself yet, a structure of process is developed that creates change as it grows. Hu & Chang (2019) discuss the five cycles of an endless dynamic system that models the business model of innovation related to traditional Chinese medicine of Wood (innovation), Fire (resource), Earth (strategy), Metal (competition), and Aqua (allocation). The comparison here, allows for a visual representation of how strategies are created and cycle throughout. There would not be one function without another, and it must go through its place in the cycle to get to the next process. My favorite part about this cycle is that it never dies. Always creates, simmers, grows, thrives, and develops, just to cycle again.
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