Script write-up

This request is for a script write-up for my 9 years old daughter for her grand final – public speaking event.

The script of the speech should be around 2-4mins. I have indicated 500 words as a gauge.

The writer can prepare the script based on mock-up story as an example but it must apply to 8-9 years old kid. It must be something touching, valuable and make a big impact to society. (i.e honesty, integrity, kind, perseverance and etc). We can further discuss on the details upon acceptance of offer.

Topic : “It takes a tribe to build a child.” We are all built by the people who have helped us in our life. Share a speech to thank someone who has supported you to be who you are today and what can we learn from them (outside your family).

Sample outline: Who has supported you to be who you are today? This could be your teachers, coaches, friends and more. (Other than your immediate family members)

2. Share us your story on how this person has been supporting you (How has it impacted you?)

3. How would you thank this person, if this person is listening to your speech now?

4. How do you feel about that?

5. What can you and the audience learn from this person?

6. How can we help contribute to others? (What can our role be in the tribe?)