Scientific Communication and Data Handling

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Laboratory Data Report (Component 1) Reassessment Brief
Edinburgh Napier University Assessment Brief Pro Forma
1. Module number
2. Module title
Scientific Communication and Data Handling
3. Module leader
Professor Peter Barlow
4. Tutor with responsibility for this AssessmentStudent’s first point of contact
.rofessor Peter Barlow
5. Assessment
Reassessment Report (Component 1)
3. Weighting
SO% module assessment.
7. Size and/or time limits for assessment
The word limit for the laboratory report is 1500 words
8. Deadline of submission ::LrijralatiteesettOrl’aitee esrZnei i to
9. Arrangements for submission
py Of your report through gent portal on the Moodie
site. This may ake up to ldaY to process and S NOT a valid excuse :ria:Leeiesf:7re’ure11ewTt:iiwillre111 in o!Jre( 1% assessment.
10. Assessment Regulations All assessments are subject to the University Regulations
The usual penalties for late submission will apply (one week late, capped at P1, over one week late — 0%).
11. The requirements for the
We will supply you with one set of pre-prepared scientific data for you to independently prepare a short laboratory report through analysis oresentation, and interpretation of the data. You must submit your report through Tumitin or .he Moodie site
12. Special instructions
13. Return of work
Within Edinburgh Napier Marking Guidelines
14. Assessment criteria
‘es’tEtre:’r:atrtliFejese:tilitta:t’oh°4crif kce’drd;laVr:”If47″. – Introduction / Background (30%) – Results – Data presentation and analysis (40%) – Conclusions from the data (30%)
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