Scenario – Studio, Live Tx &.

Assignment Brief Write a technical report based upon a realistic production scenario. (2500 words) Scenario – Studio, Live Tx & Post Production A major UK broadcaster has commissioned us to deliver a series over 10 consecutive Saturday & Sunday evenings. The Saturday programme will see a celebrity matched with a professional singer and they have to sing live for viewers’ votes. There will be a stage in the studio for the performances as well seating for 3 judges and an audience. The series starts with 10 pairs, with 1 pair leaving the show each Sunday evening. Each Saturday episode will feature the celebrity/professional pair sing and then receive the judges’ opinions. The second presenter will also interview the contestants away from the main stage. Before each pair sings there will be an insert showing the highlights of their week in training. The Sunday show will be when one pairing is removed from the show when the viewers’ votes are revealed. This show will include highlights of the Saturday show together with behind the scene material. Due to restricted availability of the studio the Sunday evening show has to be partially pre-recorded in the studio on the Saturday evening. The Saturday evening live show is transmitted at 8pm. The Sunday evening show is transmitted at 8:30pm. Assignment requirements: The report should be understandable to both a technical and a non-technical reader. Suggested sections the reports could contain are: • An overview of the programme • An acquisition workflow • A post-production workflow • The delivery requirements of the broadcaster • The delivery requirements of co-producers As there maybe alternative ways of technically achieving the programme given in the scenario it is best if your report contains options together with your suggestions for which would be the best. Your report can contain any content that would help the readers of the report understand the issues and the possibilities. As the report will be given to both technical and production staff it needs to be understandable to both groups. Do not copy-and-paste from documents you may find on-line. Insert them in an appendix but put them in your own words in the report itself. Assignment Assessment Criteria: Production Requirements • Excellent understanding of the production requirements’, and all the requirements have been addressed. Feasibility • The report’s suggestions are excellent, realistic and, if followed, would lead to an achievable project. Technical Content (including technical explanations) • Excellent and accurate technical content. Shows a thorough understanding of the technical issues and their application to the scenario. A number of credible technical options offered. Presentation (spelling, grammar, tidiness) • The report is presented to a professional level.

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