same kind of literary interpretation

Your first paper assignments asked you to write interpretative essays. This assignment asks for the same kind of literary interpretation. However, in addition to a close reading of the literary text, you are also required to incorporate at least three secondary sources into your essay.
The topic of your essay is open.
Acceptable forms of secondary research include: scholarly articles (many of which are available through the MLA International Bibliography on the librarys webpage) and scholarly books (the library has a good selection, but Google Books is also a wonderful resource).
Please cite secondary sources using MLA style guidelines.Describe and compare the role of females in Shakespeare books
Romeo and Juliet
etc.Your essay will be assessed based on the following:
Your goal is to persuade the reader that your interpretation is correct. Therefore, the essay should have a clear thesis followed by supporting paragraphs in which you demonstrate the validity of your interpretation.
Does the essay critically analyze the text(s)? The essay should attempt to shed light on an important aspect of the text. As a result, your goal is to analyze and interpret the text, rather than to summarize it. An analysis considers relationships, patterns, thematic trajectory, and consequences of actions and ideas within the text in order to demonstrate the validity of ones argument.
Does the essay use textual evidence? In supporting your argument, you should use examples from the text to make your point. Quote and discuss specific textual examples that illustrate your point and support your argument.
Does the essay engage with other scholars and incorporate at least three secondary resources?