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  Content + Purpose of the Content

(Include detailed description of the content in point form)

Extra Information:  Creative elements – what photo would be posted, what would the caption be?
Day 1 Using Instagram stories stickers to connect with the audience:


·         Instagram stories stickers are an excellent way to encourage the followers to interact with you, resulting in a strong following that feels acquainted to the brand.

·         Polls, questions, countdowns, quizzes, and emoji sliders are just a few of the quick and easy stickers available on stories. We can have real conversations with the followers through use of the Instagram stories questions sticker.

·         So each connection with a sticker by one of the followers constitutes as an engagement.



Post stories about gift items and hampers and add relevant stickers to it. For example, as everyone is celebrating Valentines week, we can post stories and add stickers which are trending on Instagram algorithm like Hearts, Valentines week, New Year 2022, etc.

#Valentinesweek #Heart #Love #LovePotion #GiftHampers #Gifts #Surprises #Happy

Day 2 Start making and sharing Relatable Memes:

·         Memes are the quickest way to a user’s heart.

·         They’re amusing, inventive, and relatable. And coolness is a must in 2022.

·         The right meme will have the audience liking, commenting, and sharing our post with their friends.


We would make memes which are relevant to our page and related gift items and tag other companies and pages so that the reach increases. Memes are very trending and provide information about the content in a funny way. If not providing information, they can be used to make fun about occasions, and this engages the audience to open the page.


Day 3 Making video clips that are bite-sized or short:

·         For modern brands and pages like ours, video content marketing has become a must-do.

·         The video content needs to receive far more shares than text or video, and we should seriously consider creative social networking ideas that facilitate video.

·         That is why short video clips are still a good idea for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


For giving out and sending relevant information to a larger audience, short video clips like, 15 or 16 seconds short should be made. Short videos allow the audience to be hooked to their screens for any upcoming information or projects etc.

Videos related to giving information about what the different type of hampers consist, how the packaging is done is an eco friendly way will attract the customers to avail the offers. #ValentinesHamper #BirthdayHampers #GiftsForLovedOnes #SendingLoveFromFar

8Day 4 Collab on the Instagram Reels:


·         Instagram collabs are a completely new way to boost engagement on Instagram, especially on Reels.

·         Invite someone to work collaboratively on a Feed post or Reel so they can communicate and interact with their followers.


Collaborating with other brands and making reels would definitely help to increase the reach of the account.  We would make reels which provide information about hampers, or we would have the previous customers testimonials and reviews.

#Testimonials #Reviews #RoseNobleGifts #HassleFree #BumperHampers

Day 5 Proper use of relevant hashtags:

·         Using hashtags is an excellent way to begin increasing the reach of the page.

·         We will try looking into hashtags that have a lot of followers, giving our posts the potential to show up directly in users’ feeds.

·         Making sure our hashtags are relevant so that they are viewed by potential customers, giving us reach that can make a real difference to the business (How to use giveaways to increase brand awareness, n.d.).


A proper and relevant use of hashtags is necessary as it helps to reach a large number of people. As we can see in the above activities too hoe hashtags help in expanding the scope. As of now, the Valentines week is trending, we can use hashtags like #ILoveYou #GiftsForLove #HappyValentinesDay #Love #Surprise #Gifts #Red #Heart


These will help to reach people who are searching for this content, and this will help to increase the reach.


Day 6 Display a before-and-after comparison:


·         Show off the brand’s creative ability with a before-and-after photo.

·         This is an excellent way to show the kind of charm you bring into people’s lives by gifting them. Before-and-after photos also show what, the company is capable of.


We would post pictures or stories in which we would be telling about how we pack our gift items and hampers, or about what magic we do so that a simple thing turns out to be a beautiful gift to be given to someone.  We would post pictures and let people know that how happy they feel after receiving the gift.
Day 7 Display a product being used/given to an influencer:

·         An influencer endorsement is another feature of network affirmation that can be shared with audiences.

·         These types of collaborations can introduce the account/page to new audiences while also demonstrating that a well-known figure endorses the product.




New collaborations and endorsement by influencers can introduce the account/page to new audiences which would help in reaching a larger audience. There can be IGTV videos or interviews of popular social media influencers local/global with the hashtags like #RoseBeingNoble #SocialMediaInfluencersGifting #Sponsored #GIFT #Excited


Why have you chosen this approach?


(5 Marks)



·         Posting the same old and boring stuff on social media will not help the account to reach out to a larger audience. Brands or pages should never feel compelled to limit their content to a single type.

·         With so many options, the social media feed should never feel mundane. It’s straightforward. The greater the reach, the greater the number of people who will see it. Of course, this is not limited to your followers only.

·         When a good content makes headlines, it reaches new viewers who may begin following you and possibly purchasing from you.

·         Attempting to reach more people with your content results in more webpage clicks and visits, as well as potentially more sales. This is extremely effective for retail and businesses that post product content to Instagram.

How can this Influencer increase their followers?


(5 Marks)

The Instagram system and reach in the number of followers is influenced by a lot of factors:

·         One of these is time management. When deciding what content to show your followers (and beyond), the algorithm considers when you posted. So, when is the best time to make a post; it is when the targeted audience is online. This increases the chances that the content will be seen and engaged with. Of course, the best time for each account is different.

·         Knowing what the target audience enjoys and responds to is another obvious but effective way to expand your reach. Examining the content and identify the top-performing posts, stories, reels, and so on.

·         When we are seeing the same design and layout of content over and over in our costs, our eyes begin to glaze over. We don’t sit up and take notice as much as we used to. If your posts all look the same, think about changing things up to grab your audience’s attention. This draws their attention and encourages them to interact with your content more.

·         Instagram giveaway contests last for a long time because they are effective. Who doesn’t appreciate freebies? And if all it takes is a like, a comment, or following an account, it’s worth a shot in the users’ eyes (Goodman, 2021).






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