roles of men and women in Esperanza’s life

For this essay, you will apply one of the approaches (Feminist or Psychoanalytic) to The House on Mango Street. Step 1: Decide on a theory, Feminist or Psychoanalytical, and choose a prompt! Feminist Theory Prompts In a coherent essay, compare and contrast the roles of men and women in Esperanza’s life. What do the various roles they play tell you about Esperanza’s culture and the expectations for women? Does Esperanza live in a patriarchal society? From the feminist perspective, write an essay concerning the believability of The House on Mango Street . Are the characters and situations believable and realistic? Why or why not? Are gender roles subscribed to in the story, or are they flipped upside down? Support your answers with evidence from the text. Write an essay explaining the impact of poverty and the roles of women in Esperanza’s neighborhood. How does a resident’s economic status affect the views and treatment of women in the story? Write a coherent essay explaining the interdependence of men and women in The House on Mango Street from the feminist perspective. What evidence can you find that says men and women cannot exist in this life without each other? Psychoanalytic Theory Prompts Analyze Sally as a psychological foil for Esperanza. Foil: A character who contrasts with another character. Analyze Esperanza as a dynamic or static character. If she is a dynamic character, in what way(s) does she change? If static, what is/are the force(s) that prevent(s) her from changing? If you write about Esperanza as a dynamic character, be sure to include Freud’s ideas of the Id. Ego, and Superego. Analyze Esperanza’s relationships with two or three of the women she encounters in the novel. What can you infer about Sandra Cisneros and her attitudes towards her background and culture from Esperanza’s account? Step 2 (Create an Outline): The following is only a suggested outline intended to help you structure your essay. Whether you use it or not is entirely up to you. Background/Introduction (1-2 paragraphs) Introduce your approach Provide some background information about the theory you choose? What have some of the critics said about the focus of your topic? Introduce the authors and provide brief summaries of their arguments. Explain the focus of your essay (1 paragraph) Introduce the direction your essay will take. Outline its structure by listing the major points you will make. Provide your thesis statement. Argue an original point. Your thesis could argue against another critic or expand upon an existing critic’s argument. Think of it this way: You are immersing yourself in the critical approach you have chosen. Add something new to the discussion! Body (minimum of 6 paragraphs) You might choose to divide your essay into multiple sections with each section containing multiple paragraphs. Each body paragraph should employ the PIE Paragraph Analysis. Topic sentence (makes a point to support your thesis) Point (Support your topic sentence) Quote from The House on Mango Street · Your analysis Quote from outside research Analysis Why are you using the quote? Does the quote support your argument? Are you using the quote as platform to argue against what another critic said? Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs) Sum up your main ideas Explain how your argument, your interpretation of The House on Mango Street is relevant to your readers’ lives? Why is this important story to read? How can your readers apply what you’ve said about the story to their lives? Works Cited (MLA FORMAT/SEPARATE PAGE) Requirements Papers should include a title and a sub-title that introduces which type of critical approach will be employed. Tangible and Intangible Barriers: A Feminist Approach to Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” Papers should include an introduction that summarizes the plot of the work along with a thesis that illustrates your argument. Body paragraphs must include outside sources that help the writer support his/her point. Minimum of three sources Sources must be critical articles from the Delta College Library Databases. J-Stor is a good Database for Literature! Papers must be typed in MLA format (6-10 pages) Include Works Cited You can find a sample article (you can use this in your essay!) that would work for both appro