Risk Assessment Plan

(Gap Assessment) : Risk Assessment Plan

Using what you have done in Assessment Task 2 on the case study of Velvet Hotels’ transformation strategy, answer the ALL the questions below on identifying and resolving the risks involved and how that should be communicated to stakeholders.

Question 1: Identifying and Resolving Risks

For each of the Change management stages listed below you must:

Indicate at least one action on how it can be achieved.

Identify at least one risk for each action.

Identify how the risk you identified could be avoided or mitigated.


Risk Assessment Plan
Change Management Stage: Action (How can it be achieved?) Potential Risk (What could happen?) Resolutions (How could the risk be avoided/mitigated?)





Question 2: Risk and Readiness Identification

For each of the stages of Change Management process and the accompanying risks you have identified in the previous question, analyse its location on the Risk and Readiness Chart and provide your reasons why they would be considered low, mid or high-risk implementation in the respective quadrants.

Stage: Potential Risk Identified Location on Risk and Readiness Chart. Why?






Question 3: Making changes according to risks

In 200-250 words and based on the analysis and insights provided above, review what John should do in the implementation of the transformation strategy for Velvet Hotels. Suggest any modifications (at least 3) that he should now include in the plan.


Question 4: Informing the relevant stakeholders.

Based on your response to Question 3 draft and send an email to John (trainer) advising them of the updates to the change management plan and suggestions on how best to implement the changes. Please insert your sent email and any response from John below.