Retail Clothing Apparel; 65% Footwear:.

Business Plan Business Introduction Opening new business in Melbourne Business type: Retail clothing and footwear, sportswear, seasonal garments, aqua wear, school garments, sports goods and equipment’s Retail Clothing Apparel; 65% Footwear: 35% Location: Sydney road Brunswick Melbourne Victoria Size of the Store: 220 sq meter Imports will mainly from 85 %china, Thailand, brazil and turkey. Rent of the building: $ 40,000 Annually What we need is given below; The business Recruitment and Employment conditions Products/services Risk management Legal considerations and Customs Operations Market Market research/ market demographics Market targets and our customers Environmental/industry analysis S.W.O.T. analysis Our competitors Advertising & sales The Finances Key objectives & financial review Assumptions Start-up costs for a year Balance sheet forecast Profit and loss forecast Expected cash flow Break-even analysis

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