Respect in Relationships

Part A: Healthy Relationships

1.Describe TWO challenges that you face handling peer-to-peer relationships in school. It could be your peers in class, project teams or CCAs.

2.Considering the challenges that you had stated above, describe THREE ways that could help foster a healthier relationship with your peers.

Part B: Gender Equality

3.Watch the video: “Explained | Why Women Are Paid Less” (18:32 mins) and answer the following questions based on the video.

3.1The difference between the remuneration for men and women who are doing the same job is called

3.2List FIVE factors that led to pay gap around the world:

3.3 When someone mentions the pay gap, you often hear another phrase as well.

“Equal  for equal __________”.

3.4 Name two countries that eradicated pay gap:

4. Scenario: Stay-at-home fathers in Singapore face stigma amid persistent belief that mothers are the best caregivers. Studies found that even when stay-at-home fathers felt they had been effective parents, they faced stigma from family and friends over their role.


Propose TWO ideas for fighting the societal gender stigma against stay-home-fathers in Singapore.