reserve rental cars over the internet

The car rental company allows customers to reserve rental cars over the internet, the company also allows customers to rent cars by calling up car rental personnel or by walking up to the rental counter. The rental car company has a number of branches and each car is assigned to a home branch. Cars are always rented from the home branch but may be returned to a different branch. Cars are sometimes shifted from location to location – i.e. the home branch location of a given car can be changed. The company offers various types of cars and various price plans. Cars are grouped into the following classes: Subcompact, Compact, Midsized, Full sized, Luxury. Pricing varies by class of car, duration of rental. The company periodically offers special deals, e.g. one week rental of midsized car for $150. The company also offers discounts for organizational memberships, e.g. AAA, AARP. There is a separate set of fees when a car is not returned to the car’s home branch – this fee will depend on the identity of the home branch and the branch to which the car is returned, e.g. the fee might depend on the distance between the home branch and the return location. We assume that a customer must register before he or she rents a car. Once the customer is registered, the registration data stays in the system. Provide: 1. A detailed schema using the ER model including: (50 points) ï‚· Design a corresponding set of tables that are in at least 3NF. (25 points) ï‚· List of the attributes for each entity and relationship. (15 points) ï‚· Explanations of the non-obvious entities and relationships. (10 points) 2. Provide DDL including: (50 points) ï‚· CREATE tables. (25 points) ï‚· Populate (INSERT Statements) tables with some data. (10 points) ï‚· Construct the following queries: (15 points) Dr. Raj Singh Assignment # 3 2 A) What compact cars are available at a particular (pick any) branch? B) Show all cars available, sizes, location to pick. Group by sizes, an