Research the security concerns

Research the security concerns associated with IoT, in the context of cybersecurity and write a report documenting your findings.

Your report should include the following:

– Introduction

– Background

– Security concerns associated with IoT

– Strategies for addressing the concerns

– Conclusions and future trends

Note: 1. Write minimum 2000 words (Excluding references) for this report. Although there is no rigid maximum word limit, around 2500 words maximum will be appropriate.

2. You should provide credible references, using journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, industry white-papers, industry reports etc. At least ten (10) high quality references are expected (At least 10, excluding your textbook, readings or other resources available in the study modules). Get referencing style guides and help with referencing from Charles Sturt’s Referencing webpage.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to explain fundamental information security concepts. be able to discuss and debate some of the security implications of computer networks, including cryptography. be able to communicate factors that relate to host and data security including vulnerabilities and patches and data protection mechanisms. be able to evaluate some of the key application security concepts and practices. be able to explain and debate issues and concepts related to management of ICT securi