research questions

Assessment 2 and 3 research questions

For your assessment, choose 1 of the following topics for your research plan (assessment 2) and your research essay (assessment 3).

Topic 1

The ACT, as well as other jurisdictions in Australia and overseas, have founded First Nations courtrooms, known in the ACT as the Galambany Court (for adults) and Warrumbul Court (for young offenders). Evaluate the potential impact of First Nations courtrooms on issues that affect First Nations people in the criminal justice system.

Topic 2

The US Supreme Court has just overturned the longstanding judgment of Roe v Wade, which relates to abortion rights for citizens. Do you agree that abortion rights in Australia rest on even more ‘awkward and fragile’ legal grounds?

Topic 3

Juries are a fundamental part of the Australian legal system and an important feature of a fair trial. However, there continue to be issues around the possible impact on a jury’s impartiality of pre-trial media coverage and possible prejudice (for example with the Brittany Higgins trial in the ACT Supreme Court). Evaluate current proposals to minimise these risks.

Topic 4

In 2020, the Australian Human Rights Commission released the Respect @ Work report, detailing issues of sexual harassment in the workplace and providing recommendations to address this. Evaluate one or more of the report’s recommendations from a legal and policy perspective.

Topic 5

‘Do you agree that the Qantas flight credits scheme is ‘unfair and unworkable’ and may amount to ‘unfair contract terms and misleading and deceptive conduct’?