(research question. (500 words) 3.0 Methodologies .

HONRS THESIS (4000 words) How can existing buildings improve access for people with a disability, what are the costs to the community in doing so? 1.0 Introduction (around 500 words) 2.0 Presentation of the current study (research question. (500 words) 3.0 Methodologies (As it is a group assignment and I have chosen INTERVIEWS and SITE OBSERVATION. It is an apartment Building on 133 Anzac Highway in Adelaide, South Australia) Building owners interviews and there comments plus solution of the problems. (1000 words) 4.0 Conclusion (1000 words) 5.0 Recommendations (1000 words) You have to talk about Australian construction clauses of disability access; we have to talk about existing buildings not the new buildings.

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