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ITSU1003 – IT Professional Practice Copyright © 2017 VIT, All Rights Reserved. VIT and its logo are trademarks of Victorian Institute of Technology 1 of 4 ITSU1003 – IT Professional Practice Assessment #2 – Research Paper and Presentation This assessment is worth 40% of your total assessment. It consists of a research paper and class presentation. There are 12 topics to choose from. You are encouraged to work in pairs for this assignment. Each pair of students can submit the same documents and should share the presentation time equally. Marking scheme See below for details on how each of these 4 components is assessed: ï‚· Content of the report – 40% ï‚· Presentation – 30% ï‚· MS Word skills – 10% ï‚· MS PowerPoint skils – 20% How to Submit Due Date – end-of-day, Thursday, 1st June. Place your MS PowerPoint and MS Word documents in a folder, zip up that folder and upload the zip file to Moodle. Name all files and folders “Your Given Name – Your Student Number – Assignment 3″. If you are working in a pair, you can submit the same MS Word and MS PowerPoint documents, but be sure to name the documents with your own name and to acknowledge your partner’s name within each document. Presentations times will be allocated between weeks 12 (May 26th) and 14 (June 9th), with most presenting in week 13 (June 2nd). The date for choosing your presentation time is Friday 19th May. Students not present that day will be allocated a time by the teacher. The presenation schedule will be listed on the Moodle home page for our subject.ITSU1003 – IT Professional Practice Copyright © 2017 VIT, All Rights Reserved. VIT and its logo are trademarks of Victorian Institute of Technology 2 of 4 The Presentation You can get top marks in this presentation by doing the following: ï‚· Keep your presentation between 4 ½ and 5 minutes. Presentations outside this range will be penalised and those longer than 5 minutes will be cut off. Students who work in pairs should present for 2 ½ minutes each ï‚· Be prompt and prepared ï‚· Introduce yourself ï‚· Provide a quick introduction to your topic. ï‚· Don’t simply read from your report or deliver a prepared speech. Show that you understand what you are talking about. ï‚· Face your audience and try not to block the projector ï‚· Provide a summary at the end ï‚· Ask your audience if they have any questions (and be prepared to answer at least one question from a student or your teacher) ï‚· Thank your audience for their time Some tips: ï‚· Practice your presentation. If you haven’t given it out loud (preferably to a friend) you haven’t prepared it. It’s also the best way to settle nerves – if you know you can do it you will have less to be fearful of. ï‚· If you are scared of public speaking, one of the great tips (apart from the one about being prerpared, and the other about imagining your audience all wearing their underware) is to imagine it going well and speaking positively to yourself, over-and-over again, until you can see it going well and believe it is possible. ï‚· You might find it useful to use cards (with few words) that are small enough to sit in your hand (business card size is good) or make a sheet with big headings (and nothing else) and lay it on the table where you can glance at it occasionally. MS PowerPoint skills assessment Create an MS PowerPoint document that is a quick summary of your report. Be sure to: ï‚· Use a common MS PowerPoint design “Theme” ï‚· Alter that theme using Master Slide ï‚· Include animations and transitions ï‚· Use images wherever possible. ï‚· Use short sentences and not many words on each slide – just headings and prompts ï‚· Keep your slides readable by carefully choosing colours and fonts ï‚· Be consistent and professional across slides and don’t add too many bells and whistles. ï‚· Include other features where appropriate for your particular contentITSU1003 – IT Professional Practice Copyright © 2017 VIT, All Rights Reserved. VIT and its logo are trademarks of Victorian Institute of Technology 3 of 4 Research Paper Requirements Your paper should be between 400 and 600 words, including a short introduction and a short conclusion. Less is usually better. Content should be accurate and complete and should properly address the topics we have covered this semester. MS Word Requirements Your document should take advantage of Microsoft Word functionality by implementing the following: ï‚· A Cover Page ï‚· A Table of Contents ï‚· A Table of References at the end of your document and citations throughout, all managed with MS Word’s “Citation and Bibliography” tool. Use “Harvard Notation”. Provide at least two sources in addition to your Moodle resources and our textbook. ï‚· A header and footer: o Make all text grey and smaller than the body text o Use 18pt spacing after header’s last line and before the footer’s first line o The header should contain our subject’s code and name and your name. o The footer should use tabs to position 4 fields that update automatically: ï‚· the name of your document, positioned on the left ï‚· the date that the document was last modified, positioned in the middle ï‚· the current page and the total number of pages, positioned on the right ï‚· There should be consistency throughout your document in terms of styling. To achieve this use MS Word’s “Styles”: o At least 3 of the Styles in your document should be named by you: ï‚· “Doc Title” for the title of the document ï‚· “1st Level” for the main headings. Name sub-headings “2nd Level ” and “3rd Level” ï‚· “Base Style” for general, normal text (body text) o Modify the settings of those styles you have named in the following ways (and add other changes as you wish): ï‚· For “Base Style”: 12pt, black, Calibri font. Paragraph should use 1.5 line spacing, 0pt spacing before “auto” spacing after ï‚· For “1st Level”: 20pt coloured Georgia font. Give the paragraph a coloured, thin, underline that travels across the page, 18pt spacing before and 3pt after. ï‚· For “Doc Title”: bold 40pt Georgia font, centred horizontally. For help on any of the requirements below you can visit the GCFLearnFree site: ï‚· For Office 2013: ï‚· For Office 2016: – IT Professional Practice Copyright © 2017 VIT, All Rights Reserved. VIT and its logo are trademarks of Victorian Institute of Technology 4 of 4 Research Topics 1. Write a paper on the malware attack that crippled the UK health system in May 2017. Explore the motive for creating the malware, and discuss theories on who released it. 2. The trend in the Australian IT industry toward outsourcing rather than internal development has been increasing over the past 2 decades. Discuss the motives for this, the disadvantages in outsourcing, and effcts on quality of life. 3. Write a paper that discusses the appropriateness of Instagram’s privacy policy. In particular, explore whether they have a policy regarding the shareing of your information with third parties. 4. Write a paper comparing and contrasting copyright laws in Australia and copyright laws in your country of birth (or compare with the United States if you are Australian born). 5. Write a paper that explains how the adoption of formal methodologies such as Agile or the SDLC improves software quality. 6. Write a paper discussing the ethics, risks, and benefits of allowing cookies into your computer and explain how the cookie technology works. 7. Write a paper analyzing the legality of the American’s NSA program to collect and analyze the overseas phone calls of U.S. citizens without a court order. 8. Write a paper discussing the ethics and consequences of different types of workplace monitoring. 9. Write a paper that explorers the history of Google and then discusses the ethics of the current practices. 10. Write a paper that explores the methods So
cial Networking sites can use to make a profit.

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